Wisdom equals wellness

by Dr. Dimple Arora

Reclaiming a life of wellness, joy and contentment when lived with awareness. The creator in Ayurveda with the symbolic trident signifying the three core principles of creation.

 “Suffering is nothing but experience chained to ignorance. Only awareness and alignment with the eternal laws of nature can set you free.” – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

The truth is really very simple. We are earthlings, a species unique to planet earth. We need clean food, water and air to survive and sustain. We need human connection, kindness and service. The earth sustains us compassionately through an intelligent matrix of natural laws and processes that are eternal, systematic, immutable, scientific and predictable. The urban human today can barely see beyond their smartphones, pads and tablets. These gadgets allow the world to have access to our mind almost 24/7 – their messages and images shape our thoughts, perceptions, judgements, choices and emotions. Needless to add, they constrict our viewpoint and observation of the nature around us. The most unfortunate result of such WiFi chatter and virtual reality is that we humans are fast losing track of what really matters to our evolution. We are losing sight of the core realities of existence, the fundamental essentials of health, life and relationships. Such a departure from nature and the quintessential natural wisdom is detrimental to our wellness, as well as to our habitat in the long run.

As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, I endeavour to align individuals to their core metabolic nature or prakruti, which enhances their overall metabolism, immunity and energy. I would like to share a few golden reminders to enhance your experience when going through life on planet earth. Through this article, I wish to expand the readers’ awareness to reclaim that which is lost in the present century thanks to either oversight, miscommunication by powerful entities with vested interests, or simply due to “expert” information overload on social media which can thoroughly mask reality and confuse the mind. Let’s take a glimpse at a few key energetic principles of creation that have sustained us through the millennia and will continue to do so, but which have escaped the consciousness of the 21st century denizen.


Change is a constant in creation. The world of matter changes every day – day turns into night, the sun rises each morning, season’s change – but these changes occur predictably each day and year. All these changes are due to one factor – the constant, systematic, programmed movement of the earth on its axis and around the sun. The Principle of Movement is a given natural phenomenon. This principle governs every voluntary and involuntary movement in our body. The beating of the heart, synchronised movements to facilitate the passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract, and the various muscles and nerves that are programmed for life-sustaining movements, are all governed by this eternal principle. The air we breathe is the elemental manifestation of this principle – if the earth were to stop rotating and revolving, there will be no air currents and consequently all life would cease within minutes. Hence, breathing correctly is vital to health, life and longevity. Many ailments today are a direct result of lack of oxygenation and peristaltic movements that cause constipation, as well as circulatory, respiratory and nervous disorders in the human body, amongst other ailments. It is wise to remember to solve such problems at the core – by moving more and breathing correctly.

The second core energetic Principle of creation is directly linked to the sun. The earth is a part of the solar system. It receives its energy, vitality and life force from the sun. Take away the sun and the earth is a cold, dark, dead planet! The sun’s heat and light are harnessed via photosynthesis – a key metabolic activity that allows us to use the energy for sustenance. This Principle of Transformation is the second core principle of creation – it generates metabolic heat (thermogenesis) vital for the functions of our organs, especially needed by the digestive system to burn food into calories. The sun’s light directly affects our vision and vitamin D production amongst other vital functions, while giving us the ability to see, process and assimilate information. It governs our mental intelligence and ability to discern between reality and illusion at the subtle emotional level. The elemental expression of the solar metabolic principle is fire. Warmth is life, cold is death says ancient wisdom. Though it sounds archaic, it is scientifically true. Cellular heat is vital in burning toxins and mobilising them out of our system.

The current trends that focus too much on fast, processed, convenient food devoid of nutrients and enzymes are detrimental to cellular warmth, causing toxins to accumulate in the body. The use of warming herbs and spices are hence therapeutic in maintaining the balance of the fire principle in our body. Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes in the past; today modern science validate their phytonutrients with potent anticancer, antibacterial and rejuvenative compounds.

godThe third quantum principle which sustains life on this intelligent planet is the Principle of Cohesion – a structural force, expressed as gravity and the electromagnetic field. It is the principle that allows atoms to bond to create molecules and form the world of matter. The sole reason we can stand and exist on this plane is due to the force of gravity. This structural principle exhibits in the human metabolic system as our ability to grow muscles, bones and tissues, as well as the synthesis of various body secretions and fluids. On the emotional level, it governs our ability to bond with fellow humans and the environment. It is our capacity to love and have compassion. Humans who have happy connections and relationships live longer, and tend to feel more fulfilled in life. Depression is a direct result of the depletion of this fundamental principle in our lives. When we tune in to nature and align ourselves at every level to the divine intelligent processes which were put forth to sustain this planet, there is very little possibility of imbalances in our life. On the contrary, we attract the grace which helps us fulfil our destiny.

If every activity in daily life is undertaken with enthusiasm and joy (principle of movement), intelligence and awareness (solar principle of transformation), and with love, kindness and compassion (principle of cohesion) toward fellow beings and our environment, we upgrade the human experience.

We should live like aware scientists who observe, question and analyse experiences to arrive at the truth. Only because ultimately, it is the truth that sets us free.

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