Why you smell bad when travelling

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Travelling is an experience that we share with others and just like anything else that includes a lot of people, many things can ruin this experience.You may get stuck behind a long TSA security line, have people yell at you for no reason at the airport or get stuck with a travel mate who’s stressing you out with his fear of flying. However, what if you were the one who’s causing trouble to other people? Believe me; sometimes without being aware of it, we end up making other people uncomfortable. One of the most salient cases is when we have a bad body odor. This is something that we don’t pay much attention to, since usually when we smell bad, we are not able to pick the smell ourselves; but others, unfortunately, can. The following list contains the reasons why you end up smelling bad when travelling.



You expend a lot of effort at the airport: walking and sometimes running to get your flight ticket or checking your bags, carrying your luggage – especially when they are heavy or you have lots of it – waiting in long lines can get you exhausted. Very often, you forget to drink water when you are at the airport due to all the things you need to do before getting on your seat, this lack of water in your body is the main reason that leads to dehydration. What’s worse, when you get dehydrated you also get bad breath. Therefore, make sure to always carry a water bottle in your hand so that you will not forget about drinking water. Also, avoid drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks, coffee doesn’t substitute for water, on the contrary, it will make you even dehydrated and cause bad breath.



Bad feet odour is one of the nightmares of travellers, there are times when someone slips off his shoes to get comfortable and the rest of the plane have to suffer for it. Certainly, when travelling, you don’t have much room to pack several pairs of shoes, often you end up wearing the same shoes every day and that causes feet odour .You need to pack at least one pair of additional shoes to the one you are wearing, this way you’ll be able to let one pair air while wearing the other. We are not going to tell you that you need to wash your feet or change your socks every day and will leave that to your better judgment.


Sweating business man

The airport and the plane can be stressful places and one of the ways in which our body reacts to stress is by producing sweat. What makes matters it worse is the fact that sweat caused by stress is by far nastier than the regular one. The apocrine glands – that produce sweat engendered by stress – attract more smell -causing bacteria than in the case of sweat caused by physical effort. Therefore, try to pack a strong deodorant with you in order to eliminate body odour and use it liberally



With the number of people who travel by plane each year, it becomes what can only be described as a “bacteria factory.” There is always a chance that you may end up being sick due to the germs hanging around in the cabin. Sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, you may pick up a cold, flu or have an allergic reaction that leaves you with bad breath. Therefore, when you start feeling the symptoms, think about brushing your teeth and using a mouthwash to make bad breath vanish.



Another cause of bad smell is trying a new diet. Before boarding or whilst on a plane, don’t try a new type of food that your body is not accustomed to since you have no idea how your body is going to react to it. Sometimes, the reaction is not sense pleasing and its outcome is a bad body odour. Here is a list of food that you may want to avoid for olfactory reasons: it goes without saying that processed junk food is at the top of the list, you may also want to avoid red meat, fish, cabbage, broccoli, leaks, garlic, onions and cauliflower.


Abusing alcohol

Trying a drink or two may not cause you any harm. However, consuming a lot of alcoholic drinks will make you have a strong unpleasant smell, similar to that of the bar.It is also suggested that dark beer or other dark liquors cause more malodorousness than light alcohol. Hence, one or two drinks are your magic numbers if you want to avoid the terrible stench.We know that you are on vacation, or maybe work is stressing you out, but regardless, moderate alcohol consumption is not only good for your body odour but also important in keeping control over your actions.


Hunger craving for food

Just like water, sometimes we neglect eating. There are people who don’t prefer to eat during their trip and others who skip meals for the sake of saving money whilst visiting a costly destination.However, not eating clears the room for an uninvited guest, which is BO. Ketoacidosis – which are chemicals in your body – break down when you feel hungry causing a foul odour. So, even when you are going to expensive destinations, look for a healthy snack that would provide you with energy and prevent the stench.

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