Stretch Me and Let’s Relax

by Expat Life
Stretch Me launched by the Siam Wellness Group 3 years ago has now 5 branches in Thailand. Manned by physiotherapists it is exactly what it says. You arrive and the type of programme you are seeking is discussed with the receptionist. Once that is settled you are asked to change in to a t shirt and jogging bottoms and shown in to a very smart studio with a dozen or more expensive electric massage tables, subtle lighting and music.
You lie on the table and the physiotherapist then puts through a series of stretching exercises. Head and neck, shoulders and arms then legs. The starter session I chose was for an hour called Office Stretch and concentrated mainly on my neck and shoulders but because I told the physio my legs and lower back were the problem she also stretched those too.
They just force a stretch perhaps more than you would on your own in everyday life and I can honestly say that now I feel better. The hour session was over far too quickly which made me think I should have chosen 90 minutes or 2 hours or booked a course of 5/10 appointments. But I will do that after I see how I feel tomorrow!
Afterwards I had booked a relaxing one hour message as it is all part of the same spa along with a sophisticated facial treatment (Dr. Spiller). The receptionist again discussed what kind off treatment I wanted and gave me a choice of various massage oils all with their own explanation. I chose a Soothing massage and I think that the oil was of the same name.
It is a very well designed, clean lines studio and I was surprised about the size of the spa. I was walked through and shown in to a therapy room which again seemed to have everything necessary. Soft music and lighting, an aromatherapy steamer, which made the room smell good, the massage table and impeccably clean shower. I was told to shower and when the therapist came back she told me to lie down on the table. She dimmed the lights, held her hands over my face and asked me to breathe in the scented oil, breathe in deeply and then relax and she commenced on my shoulders with the hot oil. Working down every limb and my torso from head to foot. When she had finished she started to wipe the oil off me with a warm flannel but I asked her to leave it so that I could smell it and let it soothe me for the rest of the day… bliss.
Rest assured I shall make another appointment soon armed with more information of what I should order.
Let’s Relax Spa is on the 2nd floor of Hotel Nikko let’s relax thonglor nikko hotel 02 080 2111 when you call to book mention Expat Life in Thailand for special advantages and a reader promotion. Other branches can be found under enjoy!
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