Overcoming Flu Vaccine Hesitancy

by Pat Sarmiento
Flu vaccine

Flu killed 8 times more people last year (79,000) than drunk drivers (10,585) in the United States. And yet only 37.1% of the population gets vaccinated – often due to “flue vaccine hesitancy”. That’s why we joined the CDC in fighting the flue by creating a resource sheet: “Overcoming Flu Vaccine Hesitancy”.

It provides common vaccine objections and explains why facts aren’t always the best way to persuade…all in a format suitable for sharing on your website.

Flu: Quick Start Resources

>> CDC’s Flu Overview

>> Emergency Flu Symptoms
Symptoms such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and chest pain or severe abdominal pain indicate a need to go to the hospital. Click here for all symptoms and more information.

>> Flu Prevention
Prevent the flu to the best of your ability by taking certain key steps such as vaccinating and keeping your hands and common surfaces clean. Learn more tips here:

>> Flu Vaccine Finder

Flu Vaccine Fact List
>> Flu Vaccine Side Effects

>> Flu Shot Fact and Fiction

>> Complete Guide to the 2019-2020 Influenza Vaccine

Overcoming Flu Vaccine Hesitancy
When Flu Facts Aren’t Enough, Use Persuasion: Managing Vaccine Resistant Attitudes and Beliefs

>> Talking Points About the Flu

>> Flu Shots and Persuasion

>> Seven Ways to Talk to the Vaccine Hesitant (that might actually change their minds)

>> How to Respond to Vocal Vaccine Deniers in Public

>> Explaining ‘Herd Immunity’ May Convince More People to Get Flu Shots

>> Anonymous Nurse: Convincing Patients to Get Vaccinated is Becoming More Difficult

>> How to Talk to Patients Who Object to the Flu Vaccine

>> Understanding Extreme Vaccine Hesitancy

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