No obstacles in the AGE OF COVID-19

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Sukumvit Hospital continues to provide quality care for all patients by implementing new hygiene and safety measures

February marked the beginning of Thailand’s fight against COVID-19. However, at Sukumvit Hospital, medical professionals continued to treat patients suffering from different ailments every day, while bearing in mind the danger that the novel corona virus posed.

Overall, the number of hospital visits remained low while COVID-19 infection numbers were high. However, after two months, citizens across the country witnessed the true potential of our ‘white-robed heroes,” who were able to control the situation. This successful response has eased the worries of many, who will no longer let the threat of COVID-19 stop them from seeking the medical help they need.

This fear of the virus has created obstacles for both out-patients and in-patients, especially those requiring surgery. However, thanks to the protective measures in place throughout Sukumvit Hospital, these concerns can be eased. Dr. Poonsak Artamnuayvipas, an Orthopaedics, Spine Surgery specialist at the Sukumvit Spine Center, explains in more depth about the thorough practices in place.

“Sukumvit Hospital has added precautionary measures for protection against COVID-19 that start from the entrance of the hospital. Here, a screening takes place to separate at-risk patients so they can be treated appropriately. All medical personnel wear the necessary PPE, including masks, face shields, and gloves while interacting with patients. After screening, lifts are separated for at-risk patients and are equipped with an automatic sterilisation system that runs every 30 minutes. Social distanced seating is also in place to quell any close contact.

Each patient who requires surgery is first examined for COVID-19. If the virus is undetected, the patient will be receive normal treatment. However, if the patient tests positive, they will be treated according to guidelines from the Department of Disease Control and the Ministry of Public Health. Moreover, cleaning procedures for rooms are also performed to specific standards: all surfaces are cleaned with disinfectants, and UV and Ozone sterilisation systems are used to ensure that floating particles are destroyed. As all medical professionals have happily complied with these stringent measures, the hospital is pleased to report no infections caught.

Dr. Poonsak, continues to explain that for in-patient care, rooms are arranged by zones to separate high-risk patients, and the engineering team have adjusted the ventilation systems to prevent any spread of infection. Each room is cleaned and left vacant for a minimum of one hour before receiving the next person to ensure the safety of incoming patients.

Addressing necessary concerns… 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Sukumvit Hospital continued in its mission to provide comprehensive care, with all personnel reporting to work with confidence in the hospital’s prevention systems. The Sukumvit Spine Center saw several patients of both working and old-age, many of whom sought minimally invasive surgery. Unlike traditional methods, these procedures require small incisions with no need to cut the surrounding muscles, subsequently leaving less injury and requiring minimal recovery time. These minimally invasive methods are currently going through an evolution. For example, Epidural Adhesiolysis, Endoscopic Spinal Surgery, and others, are constantly being improved so they pose minimal risk of infection and complications.

At the Sukumvit Joint Replacement Center, patients who have to undergo surgery are sometimes as old as 80. Luckily, Sukumvit Hospital offers a minimally invasive alternative to full knee replacement surgery that preserves the majority of the knee so that patients can return to life as normal, while being able to walk faster, sit crossed-legged, and walk upstairs. As the hospital has seen many success stories, it is evident that preventative measures, technology, and medical experience are all contributors to effectively treating patients.

Strengthening confidence… 

Dr. Pavinee Imkong, Anaesthesiologist, is one of many professionals treating patients during this time, and she states why it remains important for additional measures to stay in place…

“It is the hospital’s utmost responsibility to make sure everyone is protected against COVID-19. Sukumvit Hospital is one of Bangkok’s only hospitals certified by the Department of Medical Sciences as equipped to test for COVID-19 using Real Time RT- PCR, a technique now accepted worldwide. This is beneficial, as minimising the need for outsourced testing makes getting results easy and fast.

Moreover, Sukumvit Hospital has also increased its capacity for influenza vaccines, so patients do not have to exit their vehicles for convenience. Moreover, for urgent situations, patients can call 02 391 0011 to consult beforehand about whether it is necessary to come and see a doctor. These preventative measures have been implemented to protect patients and staff, and they will continue to be in place so we can continue to provide quality care to all patients in the near future.”


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