Nail art in Bangkok

by Zydrune Juceviciute

Bangkok local shopping districts are fascinating. Almost everything can be found there: food, clothes, shoes, massage, IT gadgets, tattoo salons and way more. Have you tried to get your nails done at a local nail artist booth?  Such nail artists booths can be found outside of bigger shopping centres such as Tesco Lotus, Big C or smaller fashion malls. I did try it many times and would like to share that experience with you.

One morning in 2013 I decided it was time to renew my nail. I chose to visit a professional beauty salon in one of the Malls in Bangkok. It was my first time visiting beauty salon abroad and I was  highly excited about it. After I chose the design, artist took around 1 hour to complete the work. And once  finishing coat was applied, my nail were shining like it was made form marble. I was highly satisfied and happy.


Couple of months later, while window-shopping in some smaller shopping malls and supermarkets, I noticed local girls having booths where they polish nails. True, I’m crazy about nail art, therefore I went to check on sample pallets at one of the booths. Wow! I was surprised. There were countless of beautiful, high quality nail art samples with the price range from 100 to 300 THB only. I was desperate to try it out and see would the outcome is going to be the same as in displayed sample. I picked quite complicated design, showed it to the young artist and she quickly started working on it. Artist carefully cleaned previous polish remains, reshaped the nail form, selected colourful polish and started drawing the patterns.  In the end, I was overwhelmed – my nail looked exactly the same as shown in the sample. It was shiny, beautiful and well done.  From that day, I started visiting local nail artists booths regularly. I have tried many different nail artists all over the Bangkok but the results were always the same. Beautiful and stunning nails which last for a couple of weeks. Price might range according to the location but it’s still relatively cheap.


The quality of products, used at such booths, looks professional and trustworthy. I have never had any bad experiences or issues with the products quality used on my nails. Nail fillers didn’t damage nail surface, polish didn’t wear off within a couple of days, and if glitters were used it stayed quite well for a few weeks. Artists doesn’t use glue or other similar substance, except nail polish, to place glitters on the surface.

If you are thinking about the hygiene, local nail artists booths are clean. Usually, only nail and toe polishing is available at local booths. Nail baths, clipping, pushing and non-living tissue removing treatments are not available and aren’t recommended to do due to the sanitary reasons.

Well, if you ever notice nail artist booth on your way shopping – give a try. I hope you would have the same great experience as I did. After all, beautiful nail makes every women happy.

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