Mind/body healing – what’s it all about?

by Barbara Lewis
Mind and body healing

I have been struggling with different aspects of my health now for quite some time and the answers from Western medicine; when they have the answer or a type of answer, is usually medication. Lately I have been questioning all this medication because it seems to me that I am on much too much. Plus if I am to be truthful I am not sure how much it is helping. I recently have been having a great deal of gastroenterology problems and I finally decided I needed to seek help for them. The doctor could find nothing as usual but sat across from me and my husband, who never comes with me to appointments and said “I guess this is the best we can hope for.” I tried not to breakdown but I was about to travel for Christmas to Canada and Mexico to my daughter’s wedding and I said “what is we, we don’t have to deal with this problem I do. I am the one who can’t go somewhere unless I know where the closest bathroom is. I am the one who can’t travel for fear I won’t be near enough to a toilet. It is me who is in pain all the time not you and certainly not anyone else.” Of course, by this time I am saying this through tears and I am considered irrational. He did give me a drug that effectively shut my system down. Needless to say this caused its own pain and side effects so I had to weigh one against the other. You will be happy to know I made it through the trip virtually unscathed, pain yes but I can handle that.

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We were gone for so long that I ran out of almost every medication I was on. So I naturally weaned my way off them all. This caused me some problems and I did go back on a few of them but it also made me think. When I got back I thought there has to be another way than all these drugs and my constant reliance on them. Miraculously or maybe not so, I was searching for something to watch and saw a documentary called ‘Healing’ on Netflix. I recommend it highly. In essence the documentarian looks at mind/body healing to see if it is real or not. She interviews one woman on death’s door with lymphoma. The woman states that she was in a coma and went to another state or plane and spoke to her dead father who she had always had a contentious relationship in life and she said all she felt from him when she met him was unconditional love. She came back to her body and made a conscious decision to heal her tumours and cancer. She was out of her coma in a week and the tumours had shrunk and well enough to go home in five weeks with no presence of tumours or cancer in ten weeks.

The movie gives other example and talks to scientific experts and medical doctors who use mind/body healing to heal themselves and their patients, everything from severe neck and back trauma to cancer and other chronic pain conditions. It is miraculous and at the same time presented that it must be something that anyone can access if they wish. These people practice certain skills to develop the muscles of their minds so that they become strong and therefore are prepared but open (by this I mean their brain is flexible to different ideas and concepts) to their mind/brain/soul/spirit healing of the disease within the body. I have a friend who’s mother had breast cancer and she had a lumpectomy but refused chemotherapy because she didn’t want her body to be ravaged by the poison. Instead she meditated that a pure white light was around her tumour and consuming it. She no longer has breast cancer. This same friend has a mother-in-law with stage four cancer but she is going about her life actively like she has always done and the cancer is staying at bay. My husband as a young boy had a wart on his thumb that was inoperable and couldn’t be removed. The doctor decided to X-ray it and Ken’s young mind thought that the X-ray was going to fix it.

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This is what he believed. The wart went away within days of it being X-rayed. The power of the mind is proven again. Recently, to add more into this subject, I have been listening to a podcast called “The Holistic Human Optimisation Show” by Ron Landis. In one of the podcasts he talks about how he had a serious knee problem for seven years. He is active in martial arts at an Olympic level so he is extremely fit but the knee problem was causing him no end of problems. He decided, after much investigation and the discovery he was on a highly processed food diet, to go on a living food (raw) vegan green diet. He only ate fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes, etc. After 30 days he said he had no pain in his knees. He went out to do his usual run that was a bit of a challenge and he realised that he literally could bounce around with no pain, meaning the inflammation in his body was gone. Most of these people first use meditation as a way to build their mind skills and get quiet inside. Some use nutrition and diet as well because most of our diets are full of processed foods that have toxins and byproducts that block our body’s natural function and cause disease.

Many practitioners use both and a variety of other methods to help unblock the channels of the body so it can do what is natural and heal itself. Stress is also a major cause of much illness so learning to manage it is a useful tool that can only help the body to function better.I have tried western medicine and it hasn’t completely failed me but it certainly hasn’t been wholly successful. Recently I looked into stem cell replacement therapy as a possible solution to my knee problems. It is a costly endeavour and the chances of it actually helping seem marginal at best. I am now on a quest to find more information and to see if my body can heal itself. I won’t instantly stop all of my medication but I am going to start meditating daily; I used to I don’t know why I ever stopped. If others have had the strength of mind to heal themselves then the possibility for me to heal myself is there too and my heart is open and willing to try. If through our circumstances we can put our bodies into disease then we must be able to take the disease out of it as well.

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