Real liberation comes with accepting grey hair

by Aparna Sharma
accepting grey hair

What is it about the first grey hair which scares most of us? I have had so many locker room conversations with women on this, I personally did not like seeing the first grey hair. I am a 41 year old mom of two girls and my hair has started greying recently. I have been colouring it for the past year, I have often thought of just accepting it and not applying colour on it. I am personally not ready for it but I do follow a few ladies on Instagram who are inspiring me to go grey. I also think its easier to go completely grey if it suits you, almost all the women I have seen on the goombre hashtag on instagram look really beautiful and it’s interesting to read their personal journey.

I often wonder if society has conditioned us to constantly colour our hair, I personally hate the term ANTI AGING. Think about it, we can be anti-drugs, anti-bullying but how can we be anti-ageing? It is the most natural process so why are we told to be anti about it. There is nothing wrong in wanting to look beautiful, I am all for taking care of oneself physically and mentally but the pressure society puts on women particularly to look a particular way definitely bothers me. I know women who decided to accept greying but went back to colouring because society was not very kind to them. Having said that, I also think grey hair does not suit everybody so it is not an easy decision.

grey hair styles

Some more very nice grey hair looks you can find here on boredpanda.

grey hair styles

Every woman should have the choice to do what she wants, if you want to continue colouring, there are a lot of organic options available in all supermarkets. I pick up my colour from Lemon Farm, its very easy to apply at home. The total process is 30 mins.

Aparna Sharma
Aparna Sharma

If you are thinking of going grey, deborah_darling and carolinelabouchere are the two instagram handles you should be following. As for me, I will continue colouring, for now. I was completely okay shaving my hair but going grey seems like a more difficult task for me right now. People told me that I was so brave when I shaved my hair but I think I will be truly liberated and brave when I accept my grey hair.

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