Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa Thonglor

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Onsen Spa

Authentic Japanese urban Onsen experience modern Japanese design with latest Onsen technology, equipment and hygiene standards with the use of Japanese Hot Springs from Gero, Takayama.

Relaxing the mind and revitalising the body seems to be what everybody needs nowadays, after a hectic schedule, a busy lifestyle and stressful city living. May we introduce you to the new experience of complete relaxation, Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa Thonglor.

The centre is an authentic Japanese urban Onsen in the heart of Bangkok, decorated with modern Japanese design with the latest Onsen technology, equipment and hygiene standards with the use of Japanese Hot Springs from Gero, Takayama, said Narun Wiwattanakrai, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited, the owner and operator of Let’s Relax Spa Chain.

Experience the blissful balance through the hot-cold touch of the fineness spa pleasure provided by five different Onsen baths and various state-of-the-art facilities. Explore the true experience of an authentic Japanese urban Onsen which awaits you together with the original Thai traditional massage from the professional therapists. All in one place to provide you the complete Onsen experience.

Located on the fifth floor of the Grande Centre Point Hotel, Thonglor, Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa combines different healing practices from the traditional Japanese bath enriched with powerful luxurious minerals that continuously protect, heal and rejuvenate the body at cellular level leaving the body and mind healthful, to the fineness spa pleasure perfectly balancing the body and soul. Relieve your stress, mind and tiresome body in our Gero Springs Bath, one of the top three Onsen regions in Japan or soak into the white micro bubbles enriched with pure oxygen in our Silk Bath.

Let the powerful Whirlpool combined with Chromotherapy in our Whirlpool Bath relieve your tension and soothe your muscles or let the fine droplets fortified with carbonate soda in our Soda Bath to lessen fatigue and restore the balance. Moreover, detoxify and stimulate the system of the body in our Hot Stonebed Bath with the Himalayan Salt Wall or simply relax away in our Cool Down Room and our Tatami Mats Japanese style Relaxing Room. Let’s Relax’s signature massage and spa treatments including Aromatic Hot Stone Massage, Thai Herbal Massage and Foot Massage are all available. The completely serene Onsen and Spa facility possesses its own unique characteristics – expert therapists, hygienically guaranteed, central locations and an excellent service.

Let’s Relax Spa has been voted as the Best Day Spa at Thailand’s Tourism Awards and the Thailand Spa & Well- Being Awards for many consecutive years and has been widely recognised in the Asian region.


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