How do you know you are healthy?

by Expat Life

by Karla Walter

It may seem like a very simple question. Before you read any further, perhaps you would like to write down the top 10 things that come to mind. Can you write more than 10?  Being healthy is a simple way of life if you choose to commit to the basics of life. Does that include the latest superfood, diet plan, energy drink or some other trend? The answer to that question is, no. Being your healthiest self has a starting point. Once you can tick all the boxes associated with the basic starting point, then you know what you have to bring in if you do in fact require some extra help. That might be supplements or even medication.  It may be that you need to discuss with yourself about changing some of your habits. 

Once you make the commitment, the body then has the tools to either turn your health around or maintain your healthy state.

There are only 7 items to maintain life. Constantly checking these 7 items places the body in the best position to remain healthy. However, most people dismiss the simplicity of being healthy or don’t know how or why the importance of these items is needed. 

It’s a funny thing being healthy, the majority of people only seek attention when they get sick and therefore are part of a sick care system, not a health system. The emphasis is on you to take responsibility to be healthy, not the practitioner to whom you visit. The list below are the basics of life. No matter where you live in the world only the items in this list matter.

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Air, Water, Sleep, Shelter, Exercise, Nutrition, Mind/Spirit

1) Air – breathing – the quality of the air you breath. It is the one action that we do automatically to keep us alive and if we do not have it for as little as 3 – 5 minutes we die, yet people give it no thought at all. Learning how to breath deeply into your lungs and not the top third of your lungs will bring more oxygen into the body. Fast, shallow breathing expels carbon dioxide too quickly and has ill effects on our physical and emotional health. Slower, deeper breathing, combined with the rhythmical pumping of our diaphragm, abdomen, and belly, helps turn on our parasympathetic nervous system – our “relaxation response.” Such breathing helps to harmonise our nervous system and reduce the amount of stress in our lives. This of course, has a positive impact on our overall health. Yoga breathing exercises for example is one option to learn deep breathing. Other areas of poor quality air are in our homes or offices such as products that produce gasses or invisible pollutants. Removal is by high quality filters that do not produce ozone as ozone is also a toxic gas. 

2) Water – the type of water that you drink and how much? Is your water high in acid or does it have minerals to support your body? Failing to drink enough water has many adverse effects including, dehydration, fatigue, headache, certain skin conditions, weakened immunity, to name but a few. Be mindful of plastic bottles that leach petroleum and BPA into the water. Find a level 6 or 7 plastic bottle to carry, refill the bottle and be kind to the planet. Stainless steel or glass are other options. Humans are the only animals on the planet that have made drinks from chemicals. Many times people have cravings because they are dehydrated. Dehydration is responsible for many ailments. I carry a water bottle that has a built in filter, so I can fill it just about anywhere and have clean water. 

3) Nutrition – food – supplements. Humans are energy beings and require energy coming into the body through food. Vegetables are the main source of minerals and vitamins. Experiment with eating a variety from each level of the earth to get you started. Above the ground (all large green vegetables), on the ground (onions, sweet potato, zucchini, butternut squash , etc.) Below the ground (carrots, parsnips). 5 – 9 different vegetables per day with each one being only a ¼ – ½ cup in quantity. Protein is required every day, through red meat, white meat, fish or legumes and grain combined. Portion size is the palm of the hand for red meat (4 ounces) or the whole hand for white meat and fish. Vegetarians must work at their diet every day with protein. Eggs, almonds, peanut butter are not enough of the right protein to form strong healthy cells. Organic fresh non processed food will always be my preference for people. Many foods that are processed and have binders and fillers which in turn may have a detrimental affect on the body. If it’s white leave it out. When a person removes a lot of processed food from their diet, many symptoms from emotional to physical may in turn be removed. The example here is spicy foods that give people heartburn or gastric reflux. When we know that a food or beverage causes symptoms leave it out instead of taking antacids, don’t let your ego rule your taste buds.                                                                                                                                        Purchase high quality supplements where the binders will not harm your health. 

Supplement fillers to avoid:            

Sodium laurel sulphate (foaming agent in shampoo).

Aluminium silicate (talc)

Artificial colours (FD and C)

Sodium benzoate (preservative that destroys friendly bacteria)

Propylene glycol (antifreeze is used as an anti crumbling agent)




Coal tar

Petroleum products                                                                                                                                                                                   

Microwave experiment: take two plants, water one plant with boiled water that has cooled from the stove and water the other plant with water that has been microwaved and then cooled. Continue this for 10 days. Which plant is healthy? This is a wonderful visual experiment to see how plants absorb the microwaved water. The same process applies to your own body.

4) Sleep – The body repairs when it sleeps. Poor sleep leads to poor health. Be sure to have a mattress that supports your body. Go to bed at days end with thanks for a wonderful day. Children are told to go to bed to rest so they will not be tired the next day, the same message applies to adults. Working on the computer stimulates the senses, it does not relax a person, so avoid at night.

5) Exercise – 30 – 45 minutes every other day is the minimum requirement. Types of exercise may include walking, jogging, swimming, etc., 

6) Shelter – Home and Clothes: clothes made from natural fibres: cotton, silk, bamboo, hemp, wool are the best quality for your health. Natural fibres assist in the rhythm of the natural electromagnetic field around the human body. Synthetic fibres distort the natural rhythm.                                                                         Your home is your castle the safest place you go to. Make sure it is supporting you and not making you sick. Like the office, out gassing products from carpets and furniture be mindful to purchase and use natural products. Whats in your kitchen cupboards for cleaning? The list is endless for natural cleaning products.

7) Mind/Spirit – remove the chatter of gossip, anger, bitterness and fill your mind with conversations that are positive and uplift you. It may be time to turn off the TV so the mind does not get bombarded by violence or a constant of so called bad news. Watching TV for short periods of time, watching interesting or comedy type  programmes may have a more positive impact on your senses.                                                                                                                                           

You are the most important person and checking in with yourself is your first priority to keeping you healthy. Once you have incorporated these simple steps, it is easy and effortless to assist family and friends to do the same. 

Health and Happiness always

Karla Walter

[email protected]

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