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Following in the footsteps of his father, Thailand’s first US trained dermatologist, Dr. Nattapong Jirurawong founded Dr.TATTOF to erase unwanted memories by removing tattoos and scars. Being the first in Thailand to treat patients with the latest, most advanced technology such as PicoWay was only the beginning. Today, Dr.TATTOF has 5 locations and leads the local market as an expert in non-invasive medical laser solutions. We caught up with Dr. Nattapong at his clinic in Thonglor to learn more about the most popular beauty procedures in Bangkok and the secret to age-ing gracefully.

Non-invasive medical laser solutions. Tell us more about that.
Dr. Nattapong: All of our treatments are non-surgical, require no downtime, and take less than 30 minutes. Some patients drop by during their lunch break, before going to the gym, or before picking up their kids from school. We use only the highest-performing technology approved by the FDA in the United States of America, all of which are tried and tested to work effectively with the most comfortable experience.

What are the main concerns of your patients?
Dr. Nattapong: Currently, most of our patients want to slim up and/or become more toned with more defined muscles. Both men and women who lead fairly active, healthy lifestyles have benefit-ed from SculpSure, a diode laser which targets stubborn fat in problem areas such as the stomach and arms. Each treatment permanently removes up to 24% of fat and the best results are seen within 12 weeks. For women between thirty and forty years old, the most sought-after treatments remove sagging belly and stretch marks/scarring caused by the rapid stretching of the skin during pregnan-cy. We usually recommend Gentle YAG Pro-U and PicoWay Resolve, and a few patients choose to speed up the results of the laser using MyCELL or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), which is basical-ly using the patient’s own blood cells to help the skin heal faster.

Why do you think some choose laser beauty treatments over “natural” methods such as diet and ex-ercise?
Dr. Nattapong: Apart from the fact that it’s quite difficult to stick to a diet and exercise plan, some people say – and I definitely agree – that sometimes it’s just not enough. Most of us have fat and wrinkly skin in areas that are nearly impossible to naturally treat, the areas we call “trouble spots”, and a quick and painless treatment can go a long way in improving confidence and bringing excite-ment back into life.

Some view age-altering procedures negatively, perhaps as a sign of insecurity or a lack of ac-ceptance in oneself. What do you think about that?
Dr. Nattapong: Improving your appearance is a form of self-care. It’s like going to the spa for a massage, putting on makeup, or eating healthy. Most of my patients are successful, attractive, and confident people who choose to become a better version of themselves through many ways: travel-ling, spirituality, exercise, and the cosmetic procedures we’ve mentioned. It’s not just for looking better, because when you take the steps to look better, you’re empowered and end up feel better.

As a experienced dermatologist, what would you say is the secret to ageing gracefully?
Dr. Nattapong: Regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and constant hydration is obviously important. What I think is rarely mentioned, but vital to ageing happily and gracefully is living with purpose, doing new, meaningful things that keep life exciting, constant self-care, and never stop improving.

For more information on what you can do to look and feel better today, visit www.drtattof.com/en, call +66(0)99-614-2424 or send a Facebook message to www.facebook.com/dr.tattof/.

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