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Medical laser solutions 

Dr. Nattapong Jirurawong is a classically trained and qualified dermatologist that perfected his art in the United States of America. Like his father before him he is a perfectionist with non invasive laser treatments which can sculpt the body and remove scars, assist you in creating a better body shape, removing excess fat and or just feeling happier within your own skin.

Both men and women have benefited from Dr. Nattapong and his team who can create a new you. They have 6 separate branches in Thailand in and around Bangkok and in Pattaya: Silom Complex, Central Plaza Lardprao, Central Marina Pattaya, Eight Thonglor, Future Park Rangsit and Central Plaza Pinklao.

We all go to the dentist and or doctor to improve our general appearance. We try and eat healthier foods, exercise and hydrate but sometimes we all need a little help to achieve our objectives.

Nowadays men and women live active lifestyles and your physique and structure are under constant attack from sitting in cars or in the office for long periods. Our bodies seem to take their own route sometimes and that is where Dr. Nattapong can help.

Using the latest technology and equipment on the market from the US FDA approved in America and Thailand (PicoWay Laser, PicoWay Resolve Laser, Sculpsure, Gentle YAG Pro-U and Ulthera) all of his treatments are non surgical, there is no recovery or rehabilitation necessary and with most procedures he can complete in under 30 minutes and you can complete the rest of your day.

Sculpsure is a diode laser which targets stubborn fat in problem areas such as the stomach or arms. Women in particular are overly aware and see it every time they look in the mirror but he can remove up to 24% with each treatment and create a better you in a course of 12 weeks. 

For women between 30-40 the most popular procedures are after childbirth where pregnancy has stretched and scarred the skin by rapid stretching. He can transform your profile and give you your old shape back. I recently attended a hospital to get lumps and bumps removed on my face, head, torso back and front and I feel so much more confident and it has lit the fire within me to lose weight exercise more and control my diet.

Unwanted memories

Dr. Tattof is the one and only tattoo removal clinic in Thailand. 

Sometimes what seemed a good idea many years before is now an embarrassment or has lost its appeal. Dr. Nattapong can help without leaving ugly blemishes. They have premium laser instruments of the highest standard.

Dr. Tattof clinics also specialise in stretch mark removal, scar and hair removal too.

For more information on what you can do to look and feel better today, visit

www.drtattof.com/en, call +66(0)99-614-2424 or send a Facebook message to www.facebook.com/dr.tattof/.

Expat Life readers receive 20% discount on all first treatments.

Silom Complex Shopping Plaza Tel: +66(0)90-546-2424

Central Plaza Lardprao Tel: +66(0)95-428-9424

Central Marina Pattaya Tel: +66(0)97-428-2424

Eight Thonglor Shopping Center Tel: +66(0)99-614-2424

Futurepark Rangsit Tel: +66(0)83-535-2424

Central Plaza Pinklao Tel: +66(0)64-679-2424

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