Did you know that an immune booster can help prevent diseases, infections and cancer?

by Dr. Thisara Weerasamai

American Board of Anti-ageing Medicine; Head of Anti-ageing Medicine and Happy Life Centre Phyathai-1 Hospital

The immune system is the body’s natural defence system that comprises of many biological structures. It will help protect the body against diseases, infections and even cancer. This system will work much the same way as an army would protect you from the invaders to maintain your health in a good condition in conjunction with the lymphatic system, where it generates white blood cells like B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and the NK cells.

NK cells or Natural Killer Cells are considered as lymphocytes or a type of white blood cells that the body uses as a shield to resist various bacteria and virus infections that will try to enter the body including the process of mutated cells or cancer cells elimination. Mutated cells can occur in the body at any time. The higher the NK cell activity will lower the rate of tumor aggression or growth.

In a normal time, there are approximately 2/5,000 million NK cells in your body. When foreign cells invade your body, NK cells will detect them immediately and, like defending soldiers, move to confront these cells within 24 hours together with the releasing of cytokines, as a messenger that call upon the immune system to kill the foreign cells. According to medical research, we can assess the function of the immune system by measuring the NK cells activity. With 1 millilitre of blood test, no fasting required, and results can be received within 3 working days. 

At our Anti-Ageing Center, we provide the following courses:

  • Personalised Physical Activity and Personalised Nutritional Meal plan to enhance the immune system and to strengthen the NK Cell function
  •  Personalised Immune Booster and Personalised Supplements
  • “Highly Active NK Cell Therapy” (Osaki Method)  is the one and only innovation from Japan by Dr. Junichi Masuyama , M.D., Ph.D. – Board of Immunology (Boston) & Dr. Sanehiko Fujita , M.D., Ph.D. – Board of  GI & Herpetology, which the process uses just 40cc of blood from the patient to produce and grow activated NK cells up to 5,000 cells within 14 days. More importantly, these NK cells that have been increased are highly selective. They are the strongest cells and the largest number in stimulation to be highly ready to kill foreign cells such as cancer cells, viruses and bacterial infected cells. Moreover, they do not cause reaction, resistance, or danger because they are cells from the patient.

Who is the test for?

  • People with chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, anxiety, and suffering from insufficient sleep
  • People with a family history of cancer
  • People who have or are prone and frequently get infections or those that travel frequently
  • Healthy people who want to monitor the function of their innate non-specific immunity, especially in the outbreak crisis of a virus

Nowadays, proactive self-care and preventive care is the best healthcare trend and vital part in protecting and strengthening the immune system. Having a strong defence or immune system makes you more likely to be well protected and equipped to fight against infections, other diseases and cancer. It is time to take care of our immune system.

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