Colon Cancer: The Silent Threat

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Sukumvit Hospital recently conducted a seminar on the topic of ‘Colon Cancer – The Silent Threat’, which was well received by both medical professionals and the public alike. The hospital also took the opportunity to introduce its modern ‘Digestive and Liver Diseases Center’.

The guest speakers at the seminar were both prominent professionals in the field of digestive and Liver diseases; the first being renowned Dr Sukprasert Chulakorkiat, followed by Sukumvit Hospital’s very own Dr Tharathip Prakongwong. The event’s objective was to educate the audience on the threats, symptoms and causes of colon cancer, as well as the modern clinical care available for the diagnosis and treatment of this deadly disease.

Dr Taratip Prakongwong Of Sukhumvit Hospital

Dr Sukprasert began with a thought-provoking statistic, which revealed that over a million people die of colon cancer every year. It was also discovered that colon cancer is the third leading cause of death in the US, and the percentage of Asians suffering from this disease isincreasing annually by 10 to 20%.

“Colon cancer is the third leading cause of death in the US, and the percentage of Asians suffering from this disease is increasing annually by 10 to 20 %”.

You may be thinking what is colon cancer and what are its symptoms? Signs and symptoms of this disease tend not to be specific. In other words, they can occur due to a number of different conditions. When colon cancer is detected early on in stage 1, it may not have caused any noticeable signs. It is during stage 2 to 4 when symptoms and signs become more evident. These symptoms include changes in your bowel habits, such as chronic diarrhoea, constipation or a variation in the consistency of your stool which lasts longer than four weeks. There can also be rectal bleeding, blood in your stool or persistent abdominal discomfort including cramps, gas or pain.

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We still aren’t exactly certain what causes colon cancer, but we do know that a person’s risk for developing this disease increases based on certain factors, such as age and family history. People over 50 years, especially those who have direct relatives who have suffered from colon cancer are two to three times more likely than the general population to develop the disease. If your  family has a history of other types of cancer, such as uterine, ovarian or stomach cancer, you are more likely to develop colon cancer.

It is highly recommended by the American Cancer Society that anyone over the age of 50, who does not belong to any high-risk groups, should undergo a colonoscopy and repeat the procedure every 10 years. Additionally, people who consume a lot of vegetables, fruits and whole grains are less likely to develop colon or rectal cancer;  whereas a high and regular consumption of red and processed meats could lead to an increase in the risk of colorectal cancer. However, if caught in the early stages, the disease is treatable.

Sukumvit Hospital’s Dr Tharathip commented on the topic with valuable advice on the benefits of preventive measures, especially with the help of advanced technology and tools available at the hospital’s ‘Digestive and Liver Diseases Centre’. A colonoscopy is internationally regarded as the screening standard that protects against colon cancer.

Together with CTscans and MRIs, the comprehensive the centre is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that can effectively prevent, diagnose and treat disorders of the digestive tract, as well as its associated organs, including stomach, colon,  liver, pancreas and oesophagus. The centre’s GI specialists are specifically trained to treat both acute and chronic diseases and provide early detection to advance diagnostic procedures with the best medical and surgical treatments.

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Sukumvit Hospital, which began its operations in 1977, has just completed a major makeover. Not only have they built a brand new building, but the entire team of doctors, specialists, nurses and assistants have all been trained with the singular aim of helping their patients maintain optimum health. Then there is the equipment, state-of-the-art MRIs, Cath labs and a myriad of others, so that their specialists have the best available tools for diagnosis and treatment. Conveniently located on Sukhumvit Road with English speaking staff, Sukumvit Hospital is now ready for any emergencies or treatments.

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