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Beta Glucan

  • Stimulates the immune system and white blood cells, to detect and eliminate harmful pathogens
    ( such as germs, virus, bacteria, carcinogen )

Cordycep Sinensis Extract

  • Boosts the immune system by stimulating white blood cells
  • Helps the body stabilize cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Ginseng Extract Stimulates white blood cells in the immune system to fight against infection

  • Prevent homeostatic imbalance, helps the endocrine system to function properly
  • Anti-inflammatory, helps the body recover from inflammation

Reishi Extract

  • Relieve tiredness
  • Strengthens memorization andthe immune system to fight offdisease


  • Takes care ofthe respiratorysystem

Vitamin C withD-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid& Zinc

  • Strengthens the immunity to fight against infection
  • Reduces the severity of common cold and respiratory symptoms, also promotes healing

Vitamin D3

  • Improves calcium and phosphorus absorption, to strengthen bones and teeth structure
  • Stimulates white blood cells in the immune system to fight against infection


  • Considered a part of the vitamin B-complex, plays a major role in metabolism,alsohelps stabilize cholesterol levels to be within the normal range

Stay safe Build an immunity shield against infection. 

Enhance your immune system  with vitamin and mineral properties that boosts your immunity against bacterial and viral infections, pollution andcarcinogens

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