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Jin Wellbeing

A living community that answers all needs of modern seniors, Jin Wellbeing County is ready to care for you or your loved ones with sincere understanding.

The venue adopts designs that are elderly friendly, excellent community, and enjoyable activities crafted with the elderly in mind for. We blend it all into one to meet all your ageing necessities.

Jin Wellbeing County delivers integrative healthcare and personalised medical supervision tailored specifically for retired members of the community. The project covers 55.34 acres of land area with 5 buildings of 7 storey, low rise residential space.

Within the project there’s Thonburi Burana Hospital is a part of the Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG), a leading centre for geriatric healthcare in Thailand.

Alzheimer and Dementia
– Stroke
– Whole body balance, hearth, Parkinson discase, high blood pressure, diabetes…

This rehabilitation hospital will provide comprehensive geriatric healthcare services. They specialise in general holistic prevention, enhance treatment and rehabilitating healthcare for patients and the elderly. Delivered by a professional and experienced medical team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and multidisciplinary professionals. They have expertise in various fields of geriatric care, supported by a full range of medical equipment, and services, meeting international standards which include the following:

Skilled nursing care and IPD services provide fully integrated services of physical and mental care for the elderly and patients, encouraging healthcare in forms of “customised health programmes”. Treatments led by teams of experienced specialists enable the services to be performed effectively and comprehensively. For outpatients, inpatients, short and long term rehabilitation patients, whilst providing safe, intimate consultancies and health assessments. Furthermore, they offer in-home nursing services for the elderly, providing full option physical nursing services such as daily care, fundamental physical therapy, care for patients with partial and/or full paralysis. This includes mental and emotional rehabilitation by hosting therapy activities specifically for the elderly.

They offer General Medicine Clinic by health assessment, advising, and providing a comprehensive treatment by teams of doctors and nurses specialised in their verticals i.e. screening health risks, diagnose severe illness in general patients, chronic diseases, seasonal epidemics, assessing emotional and depression conditions, and providing nutritional consultancies.

Rehabilitation clinic
– Geriatric rehabilitation
– Neurological rehabilitation
– Orthopaedic rehabilitation
– Cardiac rehabilitation

1. Health assessment and comprehensive treatment
• General health condition assessment.
• Memory and brain function assessment.
• Safety medication utility assessment.
• Emotional and depression condition assessment.
• Nutritional assessment.
• Balance and risk of fall assessment.
• Self-care ability assessment.
• Sight and hearing assessment.

2. Consultancy and health promotion
• Consultation on managing multi-morbidity conditions including long term health plans for elderly and their family.
• Consultation for elderly patients with monitoring medication intake, those with medication intake problems, or those unable to take medications properly as prescribed.
• Consultation on lack of nutrition, anorexia, weight gain or weight loss.
• Support families or caretakers of elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
• Consultation on elderly patients’ other health conditions such as osteoporosis, bedsore, or insomnia.
• Vaccination services according to individual needs and conditions.
• Pre-surgical examination and post-surgical care.
• Providing palliative care.

Home health services package consists of 3 type of services:

1. Home healthcare : Home service for patient on a daily or monthly basis. The services include nursing procedures from registered nurse or daily basic care with day shift and night shift type.

2. Home health visit : Doctor visit or Jin’s rehabilitation activity programme

3. Continued home health: Jin Wellbeing County offers home health services, specially designed for patients who need day-to-day assistance and care in a home-like or resort environment. An attentive multidisciplinary geriatric care team of doctors, nurses, and therapists from Thonburi Healthcare Group will be ready to care for you with 2 room types; 1 bedroom (43/46sqm) and 1 bedroom plus (63/66sqm)

Rehabilitation centre
Geriatric rehabilitation provides fully integrated services of physical and mental care for patients, encouraging healthcare in forms of “customised health programmes”.
Neurological rehabilitation provides competency assessment services and designing fully integrated rehabilitation programmes.
Orthopaedic rehabilitation provides treatments by orthopaedic specialists since the beginning to surgical stage with advanced tools and technologies.
Cardiac rehabilitation provide comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation treatment services for your quality of life along with appropriate daily activities.

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