7 Thai beverages to cool down body during hot day

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Thai Beverages To Cool Down Body

Thailand’s weather is hot all year round and the summer sun can be brutal. We have to stay hydrated in order to be healthy. Water is good, sure. But why not to try something delicious and exciting? Here are listed 10 Thai drinks for you to try out during a hot day. 

1. Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea)

Thai Iced Tea

Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea)

Thai Iced Tea is one of the most traditional drinks of Thailand. It is strong, sweet, and delicious. You can easily ordered it at a restaurant or buy from a street vendor. Whatever the case is, don’t miss this orange beverage!

2. Cafe Boran (Thai Coffee)

Thai Coffee

Cafe Boran (Thai Coffee)

Cafe Boran or an ancient coffee has a good taste and smell. It’s totally different form the other coffees in this world since it tastes strong and sweet, mixed with condensed milk and cream. I’d like to suggest you to order this with your favorite Thai dish and that would be a perfect combination!

3. Nam Krajeab (Roselle Juice)

Roselle Juice

Roselle juice with flower

Nam Krajeab is one of the most famous herbal drinks in Thailand. It’s naturally sweet and sour and very refreshing. Roselle fruit contains high vitamin C. So, on a hot day, don’t forget to try out this lovely maroon color juice!

4. Nam Lamyai (Longan Fruit Juice)

Longan Fruit Juice

Nam Lamyai (Longan Fruit Juice)

Sweet, energetic, refreshing and full of vitamin C are the description of Longan fruit juice. Throughout history, longan has been used medicinally for relaxation. We have no doubt not to drink it ,right?

5. Nam Mapraw Orn (Coconut Water)

Coconut Water

Nam Mapraw Orn (Coconut Water)

Coconut water is a refreshing drink that comes directly from the inside of coconuts. It is a low-fat health drink and cholesterol free. Also, coconut water can replace sport refresh drink and it is much better than that because of natural ingredient and lots of benefits. Just drink it! you will know how good it is.

6. Nam Mamuang Pun (Mango Smoothie)

Mango Smoothie

Nam Mamuang Pun (Mango Smoothie)

Mango juice contains essential vitamins and minerals for good health. Mango has sweet and succulent taste that make you feel refreshed. I’m sure it will make you feel better when you drink it! Oh and Mango Smoothie is also very good food choice for diets as well!

7. Nam Oi (Sugarcane Juice)

Sugarcane Juice

Nam Oi (Sugarcane Juice)

Sugarcane juice is simply delicious. Even though it has high sugar contained and very sweet but it is rich of natural sugar and nutrients. It is really good to drink on a hot day because it quenches the thirst. Drink a glass of sugarcane juice to keep you cool!


Information adapted from meetrip.com 

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