10 habits I blame for sabotage weight loss

by Saree Jitta
  1. Skip breakfast

Most people skip their breakfast because they don’t have time to prepare their meals. They might even say I’m “fasting” just another excuse of I don’t have time to eat in the morning so I start eating my first meal at lunch which might lead to sluggish metabolism over time. I don’t have anything against fasting, I used to do fasting. But most people only have 2 meals a day (not having enough nutrients) and call it fasting.

We’re all busy I get it but if your goal is weight loss and fat loss then you better start having breakfast! What’s more, eating one piece of fruit or processed fare like packaged muffins won’t keep you full until lunch, which has a ripple effect on how well you function. “When my clients eat a more satisfying breakfast, they’re more energetic, less irritable and more productive.” Aim for 20-30 grams of protein by including options like cottage cheese or hard boiled eggs.

  1. Lacking magnesium

Weight loss isn’t just about diet and exercise, and you’ve likely heard about how sleep is essential for a healthy weight. Skimping on sleep increases your hunger hormones, and you may find you reach for a sugary snack as a pick-me-up more often. 

Of course stopping the pre-bed social media scroll is important, but you probably also haven’t considered how your magnesium levels play a role in shut eye. “Most people do not consume an adequate amount of the mineral, and this can interfere with proper sleep,” Try adding almondstofu and leafy greens to your diet. Or you might consider taking magnesium supplements. When I was training hard and I found myself having trouble sleeping I took Magnesium Glycinate it helped me fall asleep better.

  1. Having a “bad food” mentality

What if I told you there’s no “good” or “bad” food? Food gives you energy, different food gives you different nutrients therefore you should get a variety of food. Having a piece of Oreo cookie dipped in milk isn’t the end of the world. If you’re being good 80% of the time (have a balanced diet) then you can leave the 20% for some fun (enjoy your chocolate cake guilt free).

  1. Exercising only to burn calories

Some girls I’ve talked with confess that they use exercise as a punishment. When they eat a lot the next day, they kill themselves at the gym, was hoping to burn those calories they consumed. You need to shift your mindset and think of exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle. You eat, shower, sleep and exercise. 

  1. Eat the same food every day

Going on a diet shouldn’t be boring and you shouldn’t have to eat the same food every day, obviously not chicken and broccoli if you want to lose weight! There are many varieties of food out there. You can steam, grill, or bake the chicken or fish. You can add different spices to enhance the flavour. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be plain and tasteless. You should be happy when you eat or have food.

  1. Not eating enough

I can say if you’ve been going on a diet for a while trying to lose weight but you haven’t seen any result, I bet you don’t eat enough! That’s right you heard me, most girls are not eating enough because they’re scared to gain fat. If there’s not enough food or water in our body, the metabolism slows down.

Our body is so smart, it has been designed to survive in any circumstances. However they don’t have a clue that you only eat little because you want to lose weight. They think I don’t have enough resources for me to function well so I’m going to slow down or might even shut down. So now it doesn’t matter what you eat it’s not going to burn that calorie because it gets used to the very little food in the system.

  1. Not tracking your intake

“Making sure you’re eating in a slight caloric deficit is important for weight loss,”. While you don’t need to button up so much that you’re eating too little, you’re also going to want to reduce the excess fluff. To find what that might be, you should track your food, at least in the beginning. “It can be easy to forget about what we ate previously and make it harder to pinpoint what’s preventing you from reaching your goals,”. My favourite free app is MyFitnessPal.

  1. Setting unrealistic goals

While what you’re eating matters, it’s not the only piece of the equation. “Other factors can affect how our body utilises, burns and stores calories or energy,”. Those include metabolism, age, geneticsstress and hormones, and “can also play a role in being able to get past a certain point on the scale.” Meaning: Just because you choose a certain number does not mean it’s a goal weight that may be attainable, comfortable or sustaining for you. While that may seem like a downer at the outset, it’s actually incredibly freeing. A realistic goal is achievable, makes you feel good and is one you can maintain for the long term.

Do you really want a six pack abs? Or you just want to look good in a swimming suit? Because having six pack abs require hard work; strict dieting and exercise and if you’re a busy woman (not a fitness model) it might not suit your lifestyle.

  1. Ignoring your stress level

For many of us, responding to stress means reaching for comfort foods while watching Netflix. While doing so is perfectly fine on occasion, it’s important to have healthy, non-food-related outlets for reducing stress. “Stress can negatively affect metabolism and get in the way of reaching weight or fitness goals,”. Helpful ways to mitigate stress include meditation, taking a walk outdoors, or reading a good book.

  1. Gut health

Happy gut, happy you. Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in your digestive tract. Looking after the health of the gut and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is vital for physical and mental health, immunity, and more.

These bacteria, yeasts, and viruses – of which there are around 100 trillion – are also called the “gut microbiome” or “gut flora.” One way to look after your gut is to take probiotics and eat fermented foods. 

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