Me and my bakery

by Anisha Sinchawla

Starting this bakery is not something that I went to find, it found it’s way to me. I started baking simply because I enjoyed it. And I realized that feeding people gave me so much joy. My vision for my bakery has been and will continue to be a bakery where people of all dietary requirements have a place to indulge in desserts. It just seems unfair to me that people with limitations to their diet both by choice or for medical reasons don’t have a place to indulge. Everybody should have that. So that is the reason that in my bakery I have something for everyone. I want to see everyone smile, not just some people.

To see people’s faces light up when they eat my food is something that gives me so much happiness. Today I know that that’s still the most important thing for me it’s to enjoy my life, to always keep smiling no matter what I do. Because in the end of the day, that’s what makes me excited to wake up everyday. To know that I have chosen the right path: for myself and for those around me.
For those of you that are wondering: I’m a self taught baker I love eating desserts so much ever since I was very young. So Its always my mission to make healthy desserts that taste like normal desserts or better . Everything that I know about baking I taught myself through hours and hours of self explanatory: one thing about me is I never ever give up in anything in life. If I want to create something I will spend hours and hours and hours and nights learning till I am satisfied. I believe we can teach ourselves anything if we love it enough and we have dedication towards our craft. The most important thing in life I believe is dedication; nothing is possible without it.
My Bakery is a place where people who care for their health can still indulge and enjoy. At Cacao & Love we offer something for Vegan, Keto & Paleo. Available for Dine in & Delivery.
Location: The Contemp. Pridi 13 (first left as you enter the Soi) Parking is available.
All further information can be found on my Instagram Page: cacaoandlovebkk 
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