My local Coffee Club – at On Nut BTS

by Expat Life
Coffee Club

Comfort food – that’s how I can best describe it!

Excellent coffee, good service – the staff all know my name and a varied menu full of international favourites, from an all day breakfast to full three course options – not that you could ever eat it all – as the portions are so generous. Situated at the end of the Century shopping mall adjoining an Avani Hotel it is located alongside On Nut BTS. Most of their 63 branches in Thailand are at key destinations – shopping malls, tourist attractions, BTS/MRT intersections, piers, etc.

The beauty of the chain is it consistency. The staff are always happy and pleased to greet you, dressed smartly in black with a cheery ‘Coffee Club good afternoon’ . The decor, inside and out, is easy on the eye and the food is always top-notch. My favourites include the all day breakfast: 3 pork sausages, rashers of streaky bacon, cherry tomatoes, a slice of toast, hash brown, fresh mushrooms, poached/scrambled or fried eggs and rocket to add that touch of greenery. That and a couple of tall lattes and bottle of iced water set me up for the day!

Coffee Club
Coffee Club

Or the salads (Grilled Chicken with Quinoa, Caesar or Power Bowl), Smashed Avocado Open Toast (with poached eggs and bacon or smoked salmon). Pastas (Carbonara, Spicy Grilled Pork or Shrimp). Spicy Pork Ribs or if I really want to let go the Strong Arm Angus Hamburger with Cheese and Bacon. Ummmmm….They seem to attract a nice genteel type of client too. Young couples or families and a lot of singles as the place is always welcoming and easy to make light conversation should you feel the need.

Unlike Starbucks, although there are always people working on computers, it doesn’t seem to attract the type that buy a coffee or one drink and then stay all day working on their computers. There is always a healthy turnover of tables so you do not feel you are in a co working space. The staff are first class. Always welcoming and constantly walking round the restaurant at hand if you need anything else. Never standing immersed in their mobile phones as you see so often in restaurants and retail outlets nowadays. The Coffee Club obviously pays, trains and looks after them well as they are always pleasant, well-mannered and very happy to serve you. That counts for a lot in my book.

Because of the light, airy interior and varied menu I arrange a lot of my business meetings there. I find it the ideal extension to my office. Easy to find for my guests and the menu suits all tastes at all times of the day and night. Yes some branches are now even open 24 hours a day now, 7 days a week! My favourite restaurant that never lets me down!

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