Healthy eating isn’t just about avoiding meat but having a balanced diet.

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Maintaining a good diet is just one part of our overall well-being. With ample documentaries evaluating the meat producing effect on the planet and health suggestions promoting more plant-based diets, combined with an raising number of vegetarian restaurants popping up in Bangkok, reducing our meat consumption has never been easier.

It is not a secret anymore, reducing meat production has a positive impact on climate change as well on our health. Assumed we don’t substitute the meat with vegetarian junk food, such as french fries, chips and sweets and unhealthy cooking options like deep fried food. According to Health Harvard Publishing, people with vegetarian diets are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

1. Try going meat-free for one day a week! This reduction already has a massive positive impact on the environment and our health (read this article by Sustain for more information).

Try Meat Free Monday!

cook vegetarian together

2. Make sure you get enough proteins every day from vegetarian sources, like lentils, chickpeas, nuts and different greens as protein helps you feel fuller and longer satisfied.

protain sources

3. Experiment with new grains and vegetables, to add a variety of new flavours and textures to your meals. Google for new recipes. There are infinity vegetarian recipes available on the web. For example, try this quinoa salad.

Quinoa salad

4. Look to the cuisines of other countries who are well-known for their vegetarian dishes such as India and Mexico to get more inspiration for delicious meals like this Indian eggplant lentil curry.

5. Buy meat on the bone, as bones not only add extra flavour but can also be used to make a stock for another meal, like this delicious Vietnamese pho chicken soup.
As well your can be sure, it is less processed like the minced meat.

Pho Chicken soup

6. Mix meat dishes with beans, grains or vegetable. For example, put carrots into a Bolognese or one carrot into your mashed potatos. Or if you are making beef burgers, try putting some cooked lentils or chickpeas into the mixture to make lentil and beef burgers. Or try to make a 100% chickpeas, lentil burger.

And if you need a rest from all the new cooking ideas, enjoy a healthy lunch or dinner in one of the vegetarian / organic restaurants in Bangkok, where you can continue your meat-free journey.

  • Khun Churn Vegetarian: A great feature about Khun Churn is that it doesn’t go for fake meats or protein substitutes like many vegetarian restaurants, but instead just sticks to fresh vegetables. The restaurant also serves brown rice instead of white and substitutes non-dairy cereal cream for coconut milk in all the curries. There are different branches scattered over Bangkok. We tried the one near BTS Ekkamai in the Mediplex building.
  • May Veggie Home: On Ratchadapisek Road, walking distance from BTS Asok, you’ll find a completely plant-based menu in a homey spot, with colourful salads and typical Thai favourites dishes.
  • Broccoli Revolution: At the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 49, this green oasis serves international dishes and fresh juices to keep you energised. You can get here some non-plastic items such as metal or bamboo straws as well.
  • Saras Veg Food: Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant at Sukhumvit Soi 20, you won’t miss eating food here. Best to go with a group of friends that way you can try more dishes.
  • Suananda Vegetarian Garden & Ayurveda: Located in Silom near the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Suananda is a homely vegetarian garden cafe & Ayurveda wellness centre. Suananda serves homestyle healthy vegetarian meals, which is fresh, delicious and cooked in a way that preserves its nutritional properties.
  • Watercress: Located at K-Village in Sukhumvit Soi 26 is not a pure vegetarian restaurant but they have a huge collection of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. Their concept is organic food. Try the spicey eggplant salad or egg salad with larb spices and if you are not 100% vegetarian go for the yellow curry with crab meat… to die for.
  • Veganerie: Just behind Benjasiri Park, this cosy cafe focuses on all-day breakfast and brunch, plus bakery and desserts, none of which are made with any animal products.
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