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The Coffee Club breakfast

We arrived at the Coffee Club like a Bedouin camel train. My daughter six months pregnant,  her somewhat frazzled husband, their 4 year old daughter, 2 year old son in a pushchair (the only way we could contain his youthful exuberance) and me lagging behind carrying the baggage.

The young uniformed staff in the Thong Lor branch greeted us with broad smiles and graciously showed us to a group of tables in the corner. They brought the gaily coloured menus which my grandson first thought was a colouring book but not being given pencils with it happily decided to decimate it seeing how many pieces it would rip into and how good it tasted.

Luckily the menu is varied, something for all tastes and appetites. My daughter took control ordering for the kids and us all. I had poached eggs, toasted sourdough with bacon and avocado. It was delightful with cherry tomatoes,  rocket and pistachios, a lovely contrast of tastes. The children had an assortment of items too long to list but I did see spaghetti, pancakes and carrot cake fly past my shoulder on various occasions but it kept them subdued for the 45 minutes to an hour that we were there.

Breakfast In the Coffee Club

The adults enjoyed the opportunity to catch our breath to refuel for the afternoon ahead. They have a wide variety of cold drinks: frappe in red berry, mango and passion fruit, coconut. Yoghurt smoothies in banana berry breakfast, mango and passion and banana and honey as well as a range of dairy free drinks which was well received as my granddaughter is lactose intolerant. They seem to cater for all tastes and palettes.

My daughter was very pleased to see that they were aware of all allergens and used cage free eggs and sustainability products. I am sure that they did not have all these allergies when I was a kid? My daughter chose a warm chicken and coleslaw salad which looked great, she obviously enjoyed it and her husband took the option of having a second breakfast of the day. The children had spaghetti Carbonara, ham and cheese omelette, chicken nuggets, chips and salad and pancakes smothered with maple syrup, red berries and cream feeling them for another action packed day on the go.

I had never seen so much food eagerly devoured and I appreciated the lull in the storm whilst the children ate. The staff told me that their head chef from Australia had recently created new menus with quality  imported ingredients from Australia. There are even dishes for the health conscious! Power Bowl, a salad of imported avocado, baby spinach, red quinoa, radish, edamame, roasted pumpkin, cauliflower, and tomatoes, balsamic glaze and olive oil. A daily dose of health packed in one go!

Coffee Club seem to have numerous stores in key venues – they seem to be popping up everywhere now and the consistency of service, food and drink standards and reasonable prices for all day dining were enjoyed by our party. Our young server always had a smile, doted on the children and even gave us a loyalty card application form so was actively encouraging us to return.

The Coffee Club

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