Coffee Club Review

by Expat Life

The ‘Coffee Club’ at Montien Mall, Khet Bang Rak epitomises the quality and popularity of this now firmly established brand in Bangkok.

The staff were so friendly we wanted to take them all home, and it truly was the people who work there that made our visit so special! We were welcomed very warmly and greeted both in Thai and English, perfect for me as I’m doing my best to get-by in Thai. The restaurant was spotless and smelt gloriously of fresh coffee, as you might expect, with an alluring hint of the delicious food we were about to experience.

We both started with an Americano, and when I say this coffee was great, I don’t say it lightly, because finding great coffee even in the long-established multinationals is not easy anymore. It was a strong aromatic coffee, served with a tiny jug of cold milk, and all condiments neatly and graciously presented; shortly followed by the menu to die for, a full and detailed description given to every dish we pointed at by the charming waitress.

Western/Thai but with enough dishes to satisfy all, as I browsed through it screamed “healthy” and I went to every page many times before making a final decision. Whether it was a breakfast, lunch or dinner, you couldn’t fail to find something tempting, and we hadn’t even looked at the desserts! My friend Edward opted for the ‘Power Bowl’ bustling with so many different vegetables, beans and pulses, a delight just watching him choose which to eat first.

I went for the burger, the picture on the menu pulling me in, and I was not to be disappointed; the image in every detail arriving on the plate, a humongous beef burger, topped with crispy bacon and a crunchy salad filling! With a feast in front of us, as we listened to the gentle background music in the cosy, airy lounge, enjoying every bite, we felt extremely well looked after.

The waitress came over and asked if we had heard of the ‘Coffee Club App”? No, we hadn’t, but soon we had because she knew so much she must have invented it! I’ve signed up already and now every time I go to a ‘Coffee Club’ I get “exclusive privileges” which I don’t even get at home! The whole thing is recorded on, and administered from my phone, so now I’m registered it looks after itself; I just show my phone, and the points keep piling up.

“Would you like to see the desserts menu, sir?” We looked at each other, no we mustn’t, but yes, we did, knowing that our journey home would be more difficult, but how on earth could we not have a caramel pie each, oh, and another coffee, please? Let’s face it; we didn’t want to leave, we were beginning to feel like one of the family, such is the atmosphere there. The free wi-fi meant that we could both look as though the outside world was missing us as we both chatted away, oblivious of time. There is nothing I would change about this place, it was a pleasure to visit, and I’m hooked; they’ll see me every week!

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