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Coffee Club chefs

Minor Foods Co Ltd is committed to raising the levels of vocational education in Thailand to be a ‘chef’ with Australian standards by the introduction of The Coffee Club Chef Academy. After serving delicious food with ‘comfort gourmet style’ for over 30 years with over 400 branches in 9 countries. The Coffee Club continues to create opportunities for Thai students by collaborating with the Office of Vocational Education Commission and the Office of Commerce and Investment, Australia. To launch the The Coffee Club Chef Academy programme to promote and develop the Thai culinary curriculum to global standards and to create quality personnel for the country in the future. To raise the level of education of Thai students in a way that has never been done before!

Coffee Club Chef Academy
Coffee Club Chef Academy

The Coffee Club, the all day dining concept sweeping across Thailand has created a chain of restaurants and cosy coffee cafes that people are flocking too. With an extensive menu of quality, comfort and healthy foods and an extensive range of beverages to accompany them, it is becoming a popular choice for people to dine at throughout the day. To continue growing the brand and to create opportunities for Thai culinary students to go global with The Coffee Club Chef Academy, Minor Foods has developed a project that will help increase vocational education standards and develop the culinary curriculum of Thai students with two post-graduate education qualifications in both Higher Vocational Certificate from Thailand and Certification III in Hospitality from Australia. They will create continuous opportunities for Thai students to learn from professional chefs in fully equipped professional kitchens. The Coffee Club Chef Academy also offers a unique opportunity to travel overseas to exchange knowledge, training and experience in differing cultures, such as the United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Seychelles and Australia, through the Global TCC Exchange Programme.

The Coffee Club Chef Academy is an open door for vocational students to enrol in the programme and pass the selection to receive training in accordance with Australian standards. In the first year, students will be in college before coming to learn in the establishment. In the second year, immediately after graduating, students will receive their two qualifications. They will all have to undergo intensive Australian chef evaluations in the form of ASEAN standard assessments that guarantee their skills and abilities to step into the world of real work like a professional in a global
kitchen. The Coffee Club’ originated from Brisbane in Australia and has now spread to various cities across

Coffee Club breakfast

It has become one of the restaurant success stories in Thailand over the last six years. Minor, being a responsible employer, is introducing the project to ensure that the country has a constant supply of quality culinary artisans to fuel the company and the country’s most precious asset – hospitality. For those who are interested in The Coffee Club Chef Academy, you can follow the details of the project via the announcement from the college, or the Minor Food Facebook page to track the progress of the project.

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