Talar Z. Front Row and Centre at Paris Fashion Week, 2020

by Expat Life

In January 2020, I was front row and centre at Paris Fashion Week.  It was a dream come true.  Even the frosty cold weather couldn’t put the fire out in me. I was working on pure adrenalin.  I wore a pink tuxedo jacket with high length boots, coupled with a Dior belt and handbag. My ensemble fit perfectly with the atmosphere in Paris that week.  From Place Vendôme, to the Intercontinental Hotel and the Hotel Potocki Paris, I was swept away by how the organisers transformed each venue.

The setting of each fashion show showcased a rich heritage of what Paris Fashion week resonates.  A fusion of cultures merging together to celebrate iconic designers and artists. The essence of the event really is a coming together of like-minded people.  It was amazing to watch people from different nations settle into each show, as we were transported into many different worlds. From themes of ancient cultures, to enchanting and magical nuances of being taken into an aquatic world of Atlantis.

Transformation and a truly exotic experience matched with multiculturalism is definitely the way Paris Fashion Week was set up.  In essence, this worldwide event allowed designers from a global market to mingle and express themselves through fashion. It almost felt like I was transported into a world that is exclusive.  I felt privileged to be part of this event, and will indeed try and make it back every year, to watch iconic designers, as well as up coming artists make themselves known on the fashion runway.

Outstanding designers and guests were from every single nation and country around the world. The melting pot of cultures mixed with the Parisian vibe made me feel connected to my love of fashion.  It was non-stop, everyday, making an appearance at fashion shows, participating in photo shoots, interviews on TV and indulging in after parties with the crème de la crème of Paris’ and the world’s hottest fashion designers and trend leaders.  Being in this atmosphere felt like known territory. I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable and in my element I felt. Plus, my ability to speak French fluently definitely made me feel like an insider.

Of course, my three favorite designers were present and I was mesmerized by their new styles for 2020. I am so excited to wear some of these elegant pieces this year. Ziad Nakad, Lebanese designer who has dressed icons over the years, describes his ultimate client: “the Ziad Nakad woman is fresh strong, sensual and positive. When she enters a room, she spreads positive vibes and has a clear vision.” His pieces, flow with absolute sensuality and elegance.  This season, he touched on my favorite character, which is the mermaid.  The models had slicked back hair and the movement of his gowns were flowy like waves.  Each model adorned a belt constructed of metal and Swarovski crystals, which were made to look like fish. The mirrored runway coupled with the pale blue lighting was truly an under-the-sea adventure, at the Inter Continental Hotel, Paris, LeGrand. Everyone was mesmerized by his talent and I was asked in an interview, by FTV (Fashion TV), to speak about his work.

I truly believe that Ziad Nakad has the power to create clothes that fit a woman’s body to show off her sensual side.  I purchased a dress for a wedding I will be attending in Cairo in February 2020. The purple hues, with the low v –neck lines and long tail, made me feel very fluid when I tried it on.  His colour choices of purple, silver and gold shimmered on my body. Nakad’s eye for detail in his dress lines, shows classic couture blended into a modern style through fabric, which resonates class and ultimate sophistication.  His dresses are made for the stylish woman, who knows that her body is her temple. His clothes make me feel like a natural woman, because the fabric and design sit on my body with ease.

Believe it or not, I was seated in the front row, at the Nicolas Jebran fashion show, at the Place Vendôme.  He has dressed some titans of the celebrity world, including Priyanka Chopra, who wore his gown at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards celebration this year. The designer has also created pieces for Assala who is a famous singer in the Arab world.  I love his style because it’s super sexy and reminds me of couture from Versace’s 1990’s collection. Versace was one of the most famous designers of the 90’s and became internationally renowned for his theatrical style, luxurious classicism and overt sexuality.  He was the pioneer of featuring super models such as Naomi Campbell and Lisa Evangelista who cleverly showcased his clothes with immaculate precision. The same feeling was recreated by Jebran this year. He brought me back to an age that was fun, flirty and extravagant like Hollywood.

Zuhair Murad, internationally renowned designer also from Lebanon, invited me as a VIP guest to write about his latest fashion. Murad always wows his audience with spectacular shows, which truly catapults his reputation onto a global scale.  His dresses have adorned super stars like JLo, Kate Beckinsale, Kerry Washington, Linda Cardellini and other Hollywood Moghuls, who shine with outstanding glamour. He lights up this season with fabrics made from cerulean silk, tulle and geometric sequin ornaments.  At Paris Fashion Week, symmetrical and golden designs with exotic artistry brought his theme of “Egypt” to life. Gold was his obvious choice of colour for this new collection. The explosion of iridescent golden silhouettes with a backdrop of ancient times wowed his audience as celebrities from around the world gazed in amazement.  My favorite part of the show was the dramatic finale when Murad revealed bridal wear with a model dressed up like Nefertiti. He transported his audience back in time, when Pharaohs ruled. His regal style never ceases to amaze me. Murad’s collections are truly iconic.

For more information, on these exclusive designers, they can be followed on Instagram or connected through their websites:

ZIAD NAKAD: Instagram: Ziad Nakad, Website: www.ziadnakad.com

NICOLAS JEBRAN: Instagram: nicolasjebranworld Website: www.nicolasjebran.com

ZUHAIR MURAD: Instagram:  zuhairmuradofficial Website: www.zuhairmurad.com

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