Fashion in the rain season

by Talar Zambakjian Artinian

A new season has arrived and along with it, a series of styles that we definitely cannot rule out. Despite the recent pandemic and everything we’ve been through this year, this year’s list of trends is anything but limited. Many of us have wanted this year to end to open 2021, but we cannot let go of the best of the art presented on the best catwalks in the world. We can say that this season gives us a bite of fresh air and that breaks with all those outfits for being in the home of those we were already used to, opens the way to elegance and Christmas parties. 

Denoting that life must and has to continue, it is definitely the most attached to normality. The last months of confinement made us see the importance of comfortable clothes and the most striking thing that they are timeless, but we must admit that all novelties have their charm.

We know that designers have understood the new needs of consumers, adapting all their products without leaving aside the comfort and practicality that are required today. We want you to be all the rage at these parties, from fringes to leather dresses, to show you the garments that best suit your style and make you look chic, some of these trends will already sound like last season, but there are new proposals that will steal your heart. Ready? I present you my top 14 trends:

Party of colours

I suggest bright and intense colours along with neutral and soft colours, they are basic tones that can last for decades in a closet. There are ten favourite colours for this coming season, each one has a special strength that allows you to create a classic and fresh colour palette, it’s necessary that you determine what you want to convey and with what energy you want to wait next year so that each colour adapts to what you seek.

We are going to listen uncontrollably to the colour Samba, it’s a sensual and voluptuous red colour that transmits optimism and energy, as well as being very beautiful and elegant. Amber glow is a radiant fall colour that encourages self-confidence and creative expression. Sandstone is an earthy colour linked to nature, it’s a neutral colour that looks incredible with the brown colour. The classic blue that we need so much in our wardrobe, is a very elegant, versatile infinite blue tone and for evening looks it is beautiful. We can say about Green Sheen that it’s an optimistic and rebellious colour. Rose Tan is ideal, it’s a gentle and very soft rose that conveys a sense of composure. Ultramarine Green is an intense and refreshing bluish green. If you want to look strong, adding significance, the Fired Brick is the winner. We also have colours like Peach Nougat and Magenta Purple that are hypnotic, that cause intrigue and fascination, attentive to colours like magenta since all purple tones are going to be carried.


Fringes are those trends that are repeated from time to time, so if you have clothes in your wardrobe with fringes, it’s time to take them out, has survived the passage of time adapting to new styles. We are going to see them a lot in jackets and over shirts, both on the sleeves and on the chest. We will also see them adorning bags, t-shirts, sweaters or jackets but the most anticipated will be in party dresses, an incredible option for Christmas. It can be only decorative, it can be discreet, like a slight touch of glamour or be the real star of the outfit.


Leatherette has been going strong this season and you can see it in any type of garment, it’s one of those fabrics that far from getting worse over time, acquire more and more value and meaning. It is compatible with all kinds of textures, colours and patterns, it’s an essential garment in your wardrobe.

Maxi coats

Coats can vary from season to season, but the latest trend is to lengthen them a bit more, this season will not be too wide or too narrow, we will see them below the knee or maybe a little more. You must be very attentive to your height, because they can make your legs look much shorter. The idea of the term oversized wants to challenge the concept of manly silhouettes to give it a delicate twist with dropped shoulders, straight lines and different materials, recreating a boho chic look.

Animal print

Despite being a trend, we can classify it as a basic because we can always see it in stores. Unlike other seasons, we will see it in all its versions in fun collections of original and different prints with certain touches of nature with a result of unique models that will surely leave no one indifferent. How to combine the animal print? Although we think that it is easy to combine it, we must always but always complement it with more neutral colours. Watch out for combinations with cowhide, snake, leopard, giraffe… The more exotic the better!

Julia Roberts warned you

They are not the typical summer shorts, they are wider and also longer than usual as above the knee, how can we forget the scene where Julia Roberts wore shorts that highlighted her figure in Pretty Woman? With this look, Vivian’s character reached sophistication, forming part of the popular imagination. We can find versions in leatherette to lighter options that promise to become a success for any look. For this season it has come to be defined as “the new skirt”. If we fell in love with cycling tights, why shouldn’t the Bermuda suit?

Cut out

The perfect combination of ‘street style’ looks. The cuts will be very common in disparate versions, in the neckline, on the side, even under the chest. You can find the cut out in numerous garments from almost all brands, even those with lower prices such as Zara or H&M. Now they are added to transparencies, lace or necklines to give a sexy and suggestive touch to your style.

Culotte jeans

These pants are ideal for any time of the year as it allows us to achieve stylish looks on those days when we are looking for an alternative to jeans. If you do not know the culottes, we present them to you: they are the ones with a high waist and wide and short legs, I particularly love them, they are super stylish and they are very flattering. If you have wide thighs but your strong point is thin ankles, it will fit you wonderfully. They can be worn with practically anything you already have in your closet, they look good with wide blouses and shirts, also with the tightest ones. Even with body’s.

Knitted, crochet or ‘pointelle’ set

Matching outfits are the go-to look for any occasion, straight from the catwalks to find a place in your closet. Although we have rarely seen such an abundance of knit looks, probably because they work perfectly both at home and on the street. Right now we have a thousand options: dresses, jumpers, pencil skirts, culottes and baggy pants.

Muscle tee

Now they will flood the stores, those that defined the 80’s are back stronger than ever. This element can be reinvented over time and that will always be its best virtue, this year they had to reincarnate in the form of dresses and sleeveless shirts, also the male silhouette marks the key to the jackets and coats of the season. This trend returns in a much more comfortable and simple version than what we are used to and the star material will be cotton. One of the great benefits is their great versatility, depending on the style they can be part of a professional and sophisticated look, but also become a relaxed and youthful outfit.

Shine from head to toe: Sequins.

To make you shine more than ever at night, fashion invites you to wrap yourself with sequins from neck to toe in dresses worthy of the red carpet that this winter will be available to any woman. The sequins are to show off so this time they are not used as a detail, but are shown in all their splendour throughout the fabric.

We deserve new bags

Padded bags: it’s a timeless classic that shakes off stereotypes by adapting to new times. It is an upholstery technique that creates rhomboid shapes using rivets, the shapes, colours, effects and finishes are what make us fall in love when choosing these designs.

Wrinkled effect: leather or leather effect in its most wrinkled form, have the precise characteristics to feel comfort when using it. These bags have been noticed in the best streets of fashion. The main feature of this bag is that they have a wrinkled texture. They are small in size, it’s not difficult to carry it, even the girls carry it in hand. In other words, this is a practical tote bag.

Mini bags: it is definitely a must, comfortable, compact and with the perfect size to carry just enough when we go out at night. However, this flirty mini bag has come to invade our daytime looks.

The cherry for the outfit

We will be able to see earrings and necklaces with XL links. This necklace made up of golden maxi links is not only a viral trend on Instagram and the favourite jewel of the insiders for this season, it is also presented to us as the perfect accessory to put that punk nod to our outfits, always in a sophisticated key.

Firm steps

Purity in white: white shoes have gone from being an aesthetic horror in recent years to an essential fashion find. There is no great designer, no celebrity, and of course no self-respecting ‘instagrammer’ who has not included one. And, if you think about it, it’s a tone that goes with everything, neutral, basic and timeless, with the mission of giving that retro, exclusive and trendy touch to any look.

Military boots: they come back stomping, promising to become, in the most followed trend this season. Comfort and fashion go hand in hand in these designs, which are also an extra comfort for the colder months.

Loafers: with or without a sock, with a thick sole or with a more classic style, in classic black or trend white, you choose the one that best suits your style. But if you don’t have it in your closet yet, this could be one of the best investments of the season.

The fashion weeks have spoken, dictating one by one the trends that will become the key point and we already have the theory to start a new season, now it only remains to put these trends into practice to create heart attack outfits. I hope you have been fascinated by this selection of trends that I have prepared for you, I think they are the right ones for the Christmas holidays. I know that the last few months have been like being on a rollercoaster, but in the end we must take some time to work on ourselves, therefore, how we dress can play a fundamental role with these unexpected routines with which we have lived this year. 

I take this moment to wish you happy holidays, remember that Christmas is not a time or a season, it is a state of mind. Valuing peace and generosity is understanding the true meaning of Christmas. May this time give you back the illusions of a new and improved year.

Thank you for joining me this year!

With much love, Talar.



Talar Artinian

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