Fashion in quarantine by Talar

by Talar Zambakjian Artinian

In the midst of this roller coaster of emotions in which the news, uncertainty and hardship embark us, we must seek refuge in things that make us feel good, distract us, that we enjoy and that motivate us to continue every day.

Now my question… Are you spending all day in pyjamas or dressed in the first thing you find, while in your closet your clothes feel lonely and useless? Are you bored, worried, reluctant and dressing and applying makeup do not interest you at all?

The law of least effort where physical appearance is not a priority, has become routine. But you have to make a quick change. The time has come to leave that attitude behind! Open your wardrobe, your makeup drawer, your perfumes and accessories, and decide that in the middle of this stage of social distancing, you are going to be you again! You will see how your self-esteem will turn 180 degrees. Anxiety will improve and you will feel much better!


My tips for this quarantine:

  1. Get into a routine and you will feel 100% better!
  2. Healthy diet (you are not always so hungry, most of the time you are just bored).
  3. Gym at home (yes you need to leave the sedentary lifestyle aside)
  4. Pay attention to your mental health: confinement, over-information and the threat of possible contagion can cause stress that brings negative thoughts such as worry, guilt, frustration, fear and uncertainty and this can cause emotional damage irreparable. In view of that, look for activities that distract your mind and help you stay calm, read a book, meditate, watch a series, stay away from the info media for a moment and this will give you the state of wellbeing you need despite stress caused by the crisis.

OK and point 5 I want to cover: Fashion in times of confinement!

During the following months we have had to live with an accessory that we must use when leaving the house for any reason. We can see that all brands are devising trends on this requirement. In addition we already know that we are beginning to acquire or renovate, so that our wardrobe adapts to the meagre and familiar social life that we have to spend at home. Amongst the leading accessories that we will have to carry when leaving the house with any reason for the next few months…

Now this is the time when many see the need to renew their pyjamas or clothes to be at home, we can not leave summer aside, so we must adjust our clothes to this season.

  1. Do you know Athleisure clothing?

This is the combination of fashion and comfort clothes, yoga pants and t-shirts or loose sweaters, it has become a regular outfit to be at home and there are many brands that propose them, it allows freedom of expression for those who wear it, since they decide what to wear more than everything to feel good inside those clothes giving that touch of personality and originality that everyone wants when dressing. High fashionistas indicate that this trend is here to stay and that it will last for a long time, especially since it is widely adopted by young people who prefer low shoes to high heels or sandals for the newspaper.

Searches related to this topic were expected to focus on dresses or some other spring and summer trends, due to this quarantine the trend is different. But a ray of light illuminated the shadows, and we have seen a greater increase in summer products through the internet. Kaftans, kimonos, bathing suits, little summer dresses. May our mood to spend the summer at home not end!

  1. About the midi dresses:

he special thing about midi dresses is the length of the skirt which gives you the comfort of wearing this clothes without problems of taking care of yourself if you feel it is too short. The special thing about midi dresses is the length of the skirt which gives you the comfort of wearing this clothes without problems of taking care of yourself if you feel it is too short. I leave you my favourite designs!

  1. Joggers or comfy:

I think it is a ‘must have’ for its design, since it includes certain details, such as the darts and the simple hem with side opening, which immediately differentiates it from the typical sports pants. The truth is that, once the quarantine is over, it will become a basic, I’m convinced that it is a smart investment.

  1. Say yes to kimonos

Although it’s a look that took to the streets in winter to make its mark with pants and boots, of course we will also see it in summer now, we are talking about the iconic clothes from Japan that has reinvented itself: there are long versions, short, printed, plain, long or short sleeved. During the day we can use it open to show off what we have underneath (with shorts, tops) and in the afternoons just by closing it, you can create a long and elegant dress. Blouse-style kimonos greatly enhance the look, especially if they come in contrasting colours.

  1. Normcore: the free and simple trend

The great minimalist trend typical of off-duty models from the 2010s. More precisely in 2014, it became popular, but companies were not ready for it. Normcore thrives on the authenticity and essence of the people who wear the clothes. This trend is about putting the focus on our own style that is inherent in trends and clothing. We begin to understand that fashion can do without gender and be based 100% on comfort. It is somewhat minimalist but, not in a sophisticated way, but rather it transmits relaxed airs and relaxation.

  1. Long dresses:

Living at home these days and not enjoying the summer days, it is important to mention that whether inside or outside the home, long dresses should not be missing in our wardrobe. OK but first we must talk about my favourite cuts in dresses:

V stamping:

A printed dress with a V neckline is a classic bohemian dress. These clothes are a classic of summer clothing. This type of dress works very well for women who have an inverted triangle body, that is; wider from above than from below. The V neckline stylises the figure.

Imperial court:

This type of cut is ideal for bodies shaped like a pear or hourglass, since the dresses are tight at the waist. This creates an illusion of balance in your silhouette, making you look slimmer and slimmer.


This dress works very well for all body types, however, you can opt for fabrics with a satin finish to add volume to your curves in case you have few curves.

  1. Blue will not only be a trend, I present the colour lilac!

It’s one of the star colours in the next spring. To be up to date in the new 2020 season you have to include this colour, in your wardrobe. The good news is that it is quite flattering whatever your skin tone.

  1. Preppy style

Lines have been a classic since Coco Chanel. The marine style prevails as a trend in a sophisticated touch. Pants, skirts, jackets and T shirts will be filled with lines this season. This look never fails, it is a classic combination of navy blue and white with some details highlighted in red and gold that give it strength and elegance to the set will turn your image into natural, sophisticated and always very chic for your summer days. A preppy look should always be perfect, impeccable. The combination should be classic, but not too serious, always with jovial and delicate elements.

  1. Micro top:

These tops are defined by having a reduced size coming to look almost like a bustier. How to wear a micro top without looking like you’re in underwear? The key is to integrate it into looks that wear a skirt, shorts or pants at the waist and a jacket, preferably oversize, to reveal the top only in part.

  1. Leggings we wear to be at home:

being an exclusively sporty or casual clothes, and are added to more sophisticated clothes until achieving stylish outfits to work with. 

Leggings: comfort and total trend. In the hot season they are key for you to feel comfortable and take advantage of all the versatility. During the summer these pants are an ideal option, especially the models made from special fabrics to give comfort in the heat.

The act of dressing, whether in jeans or suit, is the key to maintaining the basic structure of the day. Get up and go to sleep always at the same time, have breakfast, keep the same schedule for work and above all dress! 

“We have to make an effort to set ourselves specific objectives about how we are going to want to face this quarantine. It has been purchased that being in pyjamas all day, causes you to sleep during the day and insomnia at night. If you alter these rhythms you are going to feel less stable, you can get into a loop, get depressed and end up focusing your mind on what you don’t control. During this period of quarantine I consider it very important to stay active, busy and looking good so as not to lose our spirits and positivity”.

I hope you like all these tips, let’s change the perspective of our days a bit. 

I wait for you on my instagram @be_a_starlette xoxo!

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