Fashion in February – a time to impress …

by Talar Zambakdjian
Fashion February ft

The festive season is over! Hope that by now you’ve already taken the action of dieting to lose all the chocolate and wine weight added from last month …. now it’s Valentine’s Day! A new goal for us ladies! The most romantic and beautiful occasion to look forward to, and a reason for us to dress up again! Before I start giving suggestions on how to dress, I want to elaborate on what this means for us; certainly it’s an occasion to celebrate love in all its ways, whether with a partner or with family or friends, all we need is to feel loved and to love in return.

Elegant Black

Everything around us already is decorated with red hearts, beautiful roses and some love music, which is very inspirational, and make us look forward for a romantic dinner. Have you made all the necessary arrangements to dress up on that night, to look beautiful, to feel beautiful and just celebrate it with your loved ones? If not, then let me give you some suggestions @be_a_starlette way …

Pretty Red Dress

Christmas and New Year are family celebrations, but Valentine’s Day is purely for you and your partner ladies! It’s the time to disconnect from all your work, motherhood and all the responsibilities that you have, and to feel like a woman again; fragile, yet strong, beautiful, yet unsure. It’s the time you want to be taken care of, with knowing exactly what you want…. it’s the time of the culmination so to say of your yearly efforts and accomplishments. It’s the time finally to put on a seductive clothes to feel sexy and desired again …White Dress

As a career professional, as a wife, as a mum or as a socialite this is when you breathe your rewarding breath. Remember you’ve achieved something during the year. You’ve worked hard, contributed, built and nurtured. So the fashion spirituality of this season is that you need to celebrate your success and dress and feel accordingly. Make it reflect on you. Makes sense?

Zebra Look alike Dress

Take a two day vacation with your partner or just arrange to have a beautiful romantic dinner, this is what you both need.

Red Dress

Other than the Valentine’s, there’s the Chinese New Year (the year of the dog) and all the beginning year’s new events started to burst up. On this occasion a new list of happenings are starting to make our calendar busy again; which raises repeated and daily queries and propositions on wardrobes and style predicaments. Most of us are compelled to tune in and receive social invitations, events and societal engagements, and therefore, this natural urge is created to re-draw ourselves for these commitments with fitting and enthused attitudes.

White Dress

We naturally want to stand out with our styles and appearances. There’s also something spiritual in this. Let me explain this spiritually from the @be_a_starlette curator’s perspective. But this time I want to focus on the Valentine and any style can be applicable in all the events.

Black with Glitters

So on Valentine’s Day, whether you decide to have a dinner at home, or to go out, with your beau or friends, just remember it is again a beautiful occasion for you to celebrate your gorgeousness. This is your opportunity to look sexy. The style choices you make should naturally lead you to impress, preferably with more attractive looking than previous occasions of the year. Thus, the dilemma on what to wear.

Black Dress

So, for all of us Bangkokians, we have the luxury of sunny days and starlit February/March evenings, the weather will still be acceptable. First things first, don’t dress cold or too covered for the dinner. Show the right amount of skin and blow your partner’s awe with your appropriate nudes and statement Valentino reds. Can also be classic …. all blacks. Do it stylishly.

Black Dress

Go for the longline yet fit clean silhouettes as you’ve worked hard to keep yourself fit. If not, stick to an only protein diet for a month so you can have the slim “you” to present during your romantic dinner. Remember, sophistication and contemporary character will elevate yourself and reflect your wonderful aura around.

Colorful Dress

Here are some elegant and provocative looks that you can be inspired and easily put together on that day.

The easiest choice is a nice elegant and chic slim dress showing your silhouette and making you look desirable by the partner ;).

Naked Black

Concluding, as a fashion stylist and consultant my main advice and thoughts to share for this Valentine is to celebrate love. So dress yourself accordingly by showing your Osé sense of style, your beauty, your fashionable allure. Share that creativity and feminism with your friends, family and peers. Habiller pour seduire – dress to seduce my dear starlette’s.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and don’t forget, this is the period to celebrate your sexy you and most of all to celebrate your wonderful #SELF.




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