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Fall/Winter Fashion with Talar

Time to say goodbye to the heat and welcome this exciting new season, I am happy to share with you the best looks and trends that have marked fall – Winter 2018-2019. The great news is that nothing will be grey and boring.We’ll defy all the prejudices with bright colours and believe it or not, this season we will see metallic shades; from pink, violet and blue, there is a varied palette of colours, a lot of orange, different browns and from the dark indigo to the lighter blue. As for every fall, the coats have returned in the form of long jackets, blazers and the classic bags. Regarding the pants we have two wide ends: Leggings and wide pants. The bet is for elegance but without losing comfort. And if we’re talking about footwear for when the fall comes, there are the ideal boots, comfortable, juvenile, with laces and even the controversial Balenciagas for more risky looks. Some trendy platforms or low heels, don’t forget the canvas and leather.

The sporty chic continues to stay strong this season, making the casual look more flexible and adding all kinds of shoes to any outfits. Of course, you can plan your outfits and adapt everything to your own style; my advice will help you to choose the right colours and trend! Because, fashion is a philosophy, it’s that freedom to dress, it reflects the relaxation of the feminine, we have lived in the time where the mixture is the ideal style. What we enjoy the most is to create ensembles with what is tendency to our unique style. Clothes are always paths to female liberations, it will always be ambivalent, a land for the women who live it every day. So prepare yourself and Be a Starlette… Here is a summary of all the highlighting brands of this season, you can play with their textures and techniques, the game of colours and patterns, curves and shapes, skirts and pleated dresses and much more…

1. Wide variety of colours

If you ask me what colour will dominate this season, I’ll tell you that it’s hard fought between yellow and orange, don’t be afraid to use them. The last thing is to dress in various colours and even a unicolour. Let’s overcome the sober tones and bet on bright colours.

2. Light and colour for Winter days.

Bright and versatile looks, in boots, gloves, pants, skirts, coats and even for your socks.

3. Sporty chic

It’s still present this season, they are combined with tailoring, dresses and the best thing is that you only need a little creativity to wear this outfit.

4. Synthetic skin

Among the influencers we have noticed that they have made a trend to this garment, you can use it as a coat, jacket or vest.

5. The English way

It’s possible to wear a square’s piece without falling into the sober and boring.

6. Futuristic vision

Like the sporty look, the small glasses accompany us once again this season and the best thing is that they look good on you with any outfit.

7. Everything is a matter of proportions

A coat is never too long if you can combine it with appropriate pieces. My recommendation is to wear high boots for this look and try to show at least 5 centimetres between each piece

8. Winter prints and flowers

With the arrival of the cold weather they will not disappear from your closet, I leave you some proposals.

9. The fringes have returned

We love the fringes, they are super fun and of course totally elegant. Perfect to dance or simply stand out from the crowd. Among my favourites are fringed skirts.

10. Millennial blazer

The best wild card of the season, blazer with marked shoulders and about two sizes above, plays with colours, I’m sure you’ll love them.

11. The ideal hat

This season highlights two hat’s models: The beret and the cordovan style. Are you willing to wear them?

12. The protagonists of this season

I was waiting for the moment to talk about them, for any outfit in any presentation. They have been present this season and have come to stay, so stomp, you will not lack the elegance and there’s already many celebs that use them. Boots socks Balenciaga style have also become controversial, would you use them?

Inspired by the most current and elegant values, luminosity and new trends, this new season is a challenge that we are ready to take in the present days, because besides chic it is super comfortable. – Talar Artinian Be a Starlette

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