Be a Starlette

by Talar Zambakdjian

“Time for parties, and celebrations, people dancing all night long”… and why not, becoming a true fashion follower!

A new year is always a good start, full of opportunities, with the right attitude and outfit anything is possible! I love the idea of empowering women through fashion, for many it can be a banal issue but dress is indeed a means to express freedom, power and authority. How you dress says a lot about you (true!) also about your lifestyle, values and aspirations. There is no better way to open the door to this new year by dressing and feeling as we like. I want to tell you about the beautiful things that are coming, in addition to what we are going to reuse for this season. The fashion week’s have culminated and we have left behind a few that have been quite energetic, colourful and have given us many ideas about what we will use for the following months. We are not going to focus on the parties but on everything we can use without distinction.

1. Let’s see the colours

With a total of 29 colours for this new season, I can tell you that the colours are wonderful, including red, lighter and softer colours that most would not expect to see. It has been declared as “a collection of sophisticated but bold colours” of course with a high dose of female empowerment. The neutral colours are: Crème de Pêche, Rocky Road, Sugar Almond, Bluestone, Vanilla Custard, Evening Blue, Paloma, Frost Grey, Rose Brown, Storm. In bright colours we have: Fiery Red, Saffron, Pepper Stem, Chive, Pink Coral, Sunlight, Bleached Coral, Cayenne, Grape Compote, Cinnamon Stick, Blossom, Biscay Green. Important to note that we continue with the trend of neon colours, but… we know that it’s a very risky look and that few would use, so we bring you the neon colours in pastel!!

Now that you know the colours, it’s time to combine them… It should be noted that the Total Look and the Total Black will accompany us in these last days, but how can we mix these colours and not fail in the attempt? When it comes to Total Black I recommend you play with clothes with textures. Try using a very natural makeup and simple accessories, this way your look will look cleaner. Regarding theTotal Look, using a single colour from head to toe creates a vertical line in our body, there are nocuts in your silhouette and this makes your figure look more stylised. We give little importance to neutral colours, we think they are basic and nothing else but neutral colours intervene the purest colours. One of the advantages of neon colours is that they combine with almost everything, strident and very striking, this palette is seen in accessory lines, beauty products and casual clothing collections up to those of haute couture.

2. The call to natureNature

The leopard, giraffe, zebra and tiger prints, combined with tropical motifs, such as the palm leaf and various fruits, enhance the exuberance of the theme. A safari would not be a bad idea! They are ideal for both day and night, you just have to know how to choose the ideal accessories. Something very important to highlight is that the makeup trend in this “jungle” style is somewhat striking since it has highlighted the red lipstick and red wine shades. I encourage you to come out of your comfort zone and try new things!

Lady3. Bond girl 007

Of course you could not miss this dignified collection in the most elegant and sexy female spy style of pop culture. Do not be afraid to vary textures, wear boots, big bags. Neutral colours are a basic in these garments but you can try more vivid colours.

4. Hello again denim!Denim

We know that it is one of the fabrics that feel best in fashion because of the ease it has when it comes to adjusting to the woman’s silhouette, never goes out of style and absolutely all women have a denim garment in our wardrobe. Sometimes, we see it as a daily garment but not as an elegant piece, it is time to transform that idea. We see many details in denim look, transparencies, fabrics, silk, high boots, sneakers, heels, everything absolutely everything is valid! If you want to stylise  your figure I recommend custom blazers.

Flower power5. Flower power

They remain season after season, this trend is wonderful, because it brings much more light to any look. I recommend you to make a mix of prints, flowers on top of another print that has nothing to do with it. For example the stripes, the pictures, the polka dots and the classic prints that you can imagine.

6. Small but extraordinaryimage.png

Smaller than usual, they wanted to unite the back of the fanny packs and the trend of mini bags with the creation of a belt with a tiny compartment. It gives a very chic touch to your outfit, it’s certainly not easy to put your whole life in a tiny bag but it’s more than possible and it’s worth trying not only at weddings or on New Year’s Eve.

Comoufage7. Camouflage

Since the end of the 90s we have been able to see this impression, it fits very well with the street style, you can combine it with bright colours and even with neon colours. You can use jackets, coats, dresses, pants… You can play with your imagination to achieve an amazing look!

8. Square toeShoes

The sandals with toe and square heel mule type are returned. Low heel and square toe, they are very comfortable and very elegant for any special occasion. We don’t know in which category it falls, if in sandal or shoe, a silhouette that we hope will stay with us for a good while. Be free and creative when using them!

Skirts9. Maxi skirts

If you ask me what cloth is essential for our wardrobe is this piece. They have become a modest option that adds a romantic touch to professional clothing, to the informal it adds something daring. You can use them in satin, bright, with pleats, which give the same glamour of an evening dress but in separate pieces, ideal for these holidays.

10. Big chainsChains

It’s time for maximalism with large chains, you can use them in different colours such as silver, rose gold and gold. Forget about thin chains and old coins. Very Versace with a lot of street style! You can use a simple outfit and when you add this accessory it will become more striking.

tweed11. Tweed

Tweed is part of Chanel in fashion, its cosy and elegant. From clothing to classic skirt, pants and romantic dresses. For work in office, for end of the year party or any other occasion.


12. Tie-dyetie-dye

We have this print, symbol of the hippy movement, reappears on catwalks and shops. To give a boho touch to our wardrobe, at first it seemed a somewhat difficult trend to combine but the fun part of this trend is to combine it in a colourful way. The best thing about this piece is that you can design it in your home or get it in stores! It’s very versatile and without a doubt, it will add colour to our Christmas parties!

Capes13. Capes

Has been reinvented many times, it is no longer just the classic layer with fall, there are many other styles such as oversized, with different textures, more or less structured when it comes to silhouette. You can use it with a relaxed, formal outfit, with dresses, with shirts and more!

14. Shearling coatsFashion

Although it is probably a trend that has always been present, it always remains in winter. Requires that the rest of the outfit not be baggy, the best thing about this style is that it has been renovated to the point that it can be urban or sports and elegant air. We reaffirm the use of vegan clothing!

15. Chic sleeveimage.png

The detail that will make any garment trend, will be large and bulky sleeves. Undoubtedly, the sleeves become extreme and are the most desired detail, of XXL or medium sizes, are worthy of strong, empowered women. A sleeve not to go unnoticed! You can combine them with satin pieces, sequins, let your imagination flow. It’s time for reflection, to set new goals, we already know that it’s easier to give up or not consider any goal in life but the good, what is worth it, always requires effort, because the reward is incredibly better than not doing any.

I hope this new year is wonderful and thanks for joining me on this fashion journey! I hope you put into practice my advice, that you shine at these parties and soon we will meet again, remember that you will always Be a Starlette!

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