We are looking for a cheap or free-living situation for our internship.

by Expat Life

My name is Kelsey and I have recently graduated from university in the United States. I am looking to pursue a career in writing, and the magazine Expat Life in Thailand has offered me a unique opportunity that will help me gain valuable writing, editing, and publishing experience. 

I would love to be able to gain such valuable experience by working for an established community of writers, however, I am in search of a cheap or free-living situation that would allow me to stay in Bangkok for roughly 4 to 5 months from January 2020 so I may see this opportunity through. 

I am willing to contribute in some light housework as my working hours as intern allow it to, or babysit in the evening hours, or speak with your kids English on a natural basis. Your kids receive native English language on a natural basis without the need to travel or sending your kids to expensive English speaking language courses. There is nothing like learning a language with a native speaker. Your kids can practice with me speaking the language after school.

Kelsey Bowes

I have spent time in Thailand before and love absolutely everything about the culture and way of life! Being able to stay in town, especially with a family that is more familiar with Bangkok than I am, would add incredible richness to my experience.

If you are able to help me out, or know someone who can, please let me know, I look forward to speaking with you further!”
Further questions to Kelsey M Bowers please send her a mail: [email protected]
Further questions about our intern at Expat Life in Thailand contact: [email protected]

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