The learning journey: how your child continues to achieve their potential

by Expat Life

Around the world, many of us are currently experiencing a time of uncertainty. The big changes which have occurred this year have affected the way all of us work, study and live. Throughout this period, delivering quality teaching and our full curriculum of education has remained our top commitment. Whether in the classroom or learning with us through our virtual school – each individual student, their unique learning journey and their academic goals are at the heart of what we do.  

Sustaining excellence  

What do we mean when we describe learning as a ‘journey’? It is the idea that the learning cycle is never linear for any child, it naturally fluctuates. In the classroom or through virtual schooling, every student experiences times of acceleration and others which are more challenging. Despite this year presenting its own unique challenges, this remains true of how students learn and it is our teaching approach that is key to nurturing this process.  

Our teachers are experts in identifying the gaps in a child’s understanding of a topic and personalising their approach to help them reach their targets. We have trained, and continue to develop, all of our teachers so that they are prepared and skilled in identifying where a child needs more support, regardless of environment. Most crucial to this is the quality time between teacher and student – so it is part of our standard programme that all teachers carve out opportunity with individual students to continually assess their progress and needs. 

We also creatively adapt our lessons and resources so that any lesson a teacher would deliver in the classroom can be successfully delivered virtually too. This means that even if external scenarios suddenly change, students do not experience a break in curriculum or have a gap in subject knowledge. Similarly, students also have unlimited access to their Global Campus, Nord Anglia dedicated learning platform, on which they can collaborate with their peers around the world and access extra-curricular activities from wherever they are.  

Preparing for the future  

We are continually assessing how we can deliver, adapt and improve our offering for students and parents. We recognise that communication with parents on their child’s development is a key element in helping every student to achieve their very best. Parents evening, remains a staple date in the school calendar and with the current restrictions in place we have introduced these catchups as an optional virtual meeting between parents and teachers, as well as providing detailed reports for students each term.  

Learn more  

Regents International School Pattaya is committed to ensuring all of our students achieve their desired results and are prepared for their global career opportunities ahead. To find out more about how we are ensuring academic excellence at our school, visit our school website here  

We are now open for school visits by appointment. Our Admissions team are happy to help you learn more about Regents Pattaya and to guide you through the admissions process for your child. 

Please contact: [email protected] to book a visit or a Virtual Discovery Meeting today for a personalised virtual experience. 

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