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This has been the guiding principle of what they hope to offer at the new campus located in Rama II. While BASIS International School Bangkok will be the 35th school in the BASIS Curriculum Schools network, one of the most successful network of schools in the world, the goal of this particular campus is to create something unique in Thailand.
It is very important to the BASIS Curriculum network of schools to open new schools in places that they believe they can create rewarding learning experiences for their students. In Thailand, they are not only excited about the opportunity to instil a love of learning in their students but also to focus on creating a learning environment that honours Thai culture. This idea is demonstrated in various features around the campus as well as in the curriculum. From the original Thai Language and Culture curriculum to the façade that is designed to emulate a traditional Baan Thai style, the commitment is clear.

Thai stilts house as school building.

They will teach Thai Language and Culture five days a week at every grade level and the curriculum is designed to ensure that each student graduates with the ability to write, read and speak Thai fluently. At BASIS they also realise that learning can occur around every corner. In fact, their teaching model is designed in a way that allows students to be both inquisitive and constantly engaged. For instance, in the Primary Years, they will employ a Learning Expert Teacher, a teacher with a degree in Education, and a Subject Expert Teacher, a teacher with a degree in the area that they teach. This co-teaching model is in place so that teachers are able to create dynamic learning opportunities as well as interact with students in positive, intentional, and significant ways.

BASIS school building

The campus itself is also specifically designed to inspire learning. This is why a simple walk around the campus can elicit meaningful learning and dialogue about Thailand and Thai culture. If you have been following their school on Facebook, you may have noticed that they recently revealed one of their most prevalent campus features that exemplifies their commitment to creating such a learning environment, a Thai house. The Thai house was designed specifically for the school and will allow BASIS International School Bangkok students to learn more about Thai architecture, a subject that is frequently glossed over in middle or primary school years here in Thailand. Additionally, they will use the Thai house to host cultural events throughout the year. In doing so, their students, families, and the teachers will get the opportunity to be a part of authentic Thai cultural experiences over the course of the academic year.

teacher explains a child

“I am very honoured to have had the opportunity to live in Thailand for over a year before opening this school,” stated Head of School, Elizabeth Thies. “I know that it is very important to our investors and our families to be a part of a school community that makes a point of honouring Thailand and preserving Thai culture in its classrooms. I think that living here has really given me the opportunity to learn a lot about Thailand and the beautiful culture that surrounds us.” She went on to say, “Our teachers are already excited about getting the opportunity to be immersed in Thai culture as well.” Our teachers are coming from all over the world and the goal is to create a robust and eclectic school community for all those involved. “The staff will begin to arrive in July but we have already begun to build our community and get teachers excited about living and working in Thailand.” In the Primary Years, the focus of the BASIS International School Bangkok curriculum is to get students excited about their subjects by instilling a love of learning. “We have found that passion and excitement are both contagious, “Mrs Thies added, “what better way to begin to build that desire than to share some of the wonderful things that Thailand has to offer with our teachers before they even arrive.”

Traditionally, BASIS students are prepared to compete globally and are accepted into the top universities around the world after graduation but Mrs Thies believes that a very important part of global responsibility is an understanding of your local community. They plan to continue with that tradition of excellence but add just a little more. That is to say, their students will be prepared to compete globally, but they will also be equally as well prepared to attend the best universities in Thailand if that is what they wish to do. “I am very excited to bring my years of experience of running one of the top schools in the United States to Thailand,” Mrs Thies said and “every new parent and student that I meet remind me of the fact that this school will be something really special.” The aim is to combine the BASIS Curriculum with Thai culture and passionate teachers to create an exceptional, engaging, and authentic learning environment for the BASIS International School Bangkok students.

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