Interview with Mr Mike Walton, incoming Head Master at Brighton College Bangkok

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As Brighton College Bangkok starts to enter its fourth year in the capital, we spoke to the incoming Head Master Mr Mike Walton about his return to Thailand and the things that excite him most about joining the school.


Tell us a little about your history as a Head Master in Thailand and the UK?

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My first experience of working in Thailand was in 2005, when I joined a British International School as Principal. I stayed for 9 happy years, and during this time I was elected as Chairman of The Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA), and a Board Member of both Round Square International and The International Schools Association in Thailand (ISAT). These positions gave me a unique window into education in the region, and I took many fond memories back with me when my family and I returned to the UK in 2014. For the past five years I have been the Head Master of an independent co-educational school in the North of England, but I’m relishing the chance to be back working in Thailand again.

What attracted you to Brighton College Bangkok?

I was already aware of the excellent reputation of Brighton College in UK, where the school received lots of publicity for being voted Independent School of the Year 2019 by The Sunday Times. When I heard about the opportunity to join the Brighton College family of international schools in Bangkok, I didn’t hesitate to book my flight! I visited the school for a couple of days and was quickly taken with the strong ethos and values of the College, especially in terms of academic achievement, the extra-curricular opportunities for pupils and the culture of kindness. I was hugely impressed with the staff and pupils that I met, and I sensed that this is an ambitious educational environment that will get better and better as it grows.

What do you hope to achieve here?

Naturally, I want the best for the pupils in my care. In terms of teaching, I expect to see the passion and innovation from our teachers that make learning a joy. Alongside that, I look forward to seeing these young people develop in terms of sport, music, drama, creativity, community engagement and all the other learning opportunities that make up a compelling modern education. Brighton College has some outstanding facilities and dozens of expert, specialist teachers, so I’m excited to see how everyone here can realise their potential.

Why is this school so special?


From the first moment that I walked in the door, I’ve received a very warm welcome from both the staff and pupils, and I can already feel that this is a school that is both supportive and challenging for pupils. There are high expectations of the teaching staff, and an ambitious spirit to broaden the horizons of the children. I have already seen many innovative ideas used to develop teaching and learning, with a high value placed on the traditional concepts of courtesy and kindness.

Tell us about your exciting new Sixth Form?

Mr Mike Walton

Our new Sixth Form starts this year at Brighton College Bangkok, with a choice of 21 different A Level subjects to choose from. My own daughter will join our first Year 12 cohort, and she’s excited to get started. Alongside the best academic provision, there will be many opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, to benefit from expert career guidance, and the chance to visit and study alongside A Level students at Brighton College in the UK. We look forward to seeing our own graduates, in 2021, sharing in the incredible Brighton College success story, and reaching the world’s best universities.

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