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“Regents has become my second home and family; a place I feel comfortable and safe in… I am really happy and don’t know who I’d be today if not for boarding”

– Polina, Year 11 Boarder, Regents

Boarding at Regents is a home away from home. Children immerse themselves in a different side of school life while making lifelong friendships. Regents is an established, well equipped community on a large green estate far from the business of Bangkok, yet close enough to make travelling to us easy. We are ideally placed to offer imaginative supervised trips at the weekends and our sporting facilities provide excellent opportunities – once homework is complete!  

We believe boarding is a unique relationship between school, parent and child and that the right boarding environment can benefit your child and their school experience in so many ways:

Experts in caring for your child

Our boarding houses are led by staff who are experts in pastoral care. This means your child is not only in a safe and caring environment, but that the boarding team are perfectly placed to guide them through any challenging times – this is particularly useful through adolescent years.

Time and space to grow 

There is plenty of space and fresh air. Boarders at Regents cut out the commute and instead enjoy a short walk to class. By choosing boarding children have more time to study, enjoy activities and play with friends. 

Incredible facilities on your doorstep

The facilities at Regents become part of your daily life and home environment. This means playing fields are right on your doorstep as well as the swimming pools, running track and gym. Life on campus is dynamic and inspiring and we also take boarders to a whole host of exciting local places on weekend excursions.

A learning environment

At international schools where children are taught in English, boarding will immerse students in a community that fast-tracks their absorption of the language. It has been remarkable to see students who arrive speaking almost no English, becoming proficient speakers within weeks!

A sense of independence

From the first boarding years through to the last ones in Year 13, we build a sense of independence in children that helps them through life. Our boarding houses encourage (age-appropriate) independence. This all contributes to boarders leaving school with a mature attitude and prepared for the demands of university life.

Friendships for life

The friendships made in boarding are incredibly strong. There is a sense of family community that comes from living together, caring for and supporting each other, and enjoying free time together. The boarding community are like a family of friends; evenings are about eating together, supporting academic study and enjoying leisurely activities, while weekends offer a whole host of exciting excursions.

Read Polina’s full blog here:

Our family-friendly approach to boarding offers four different options: daily, weekly, full time or flexible boarding options. We offer trials too, so your child can come along and experience boarding life for themselves!

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