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Future Path Projects – Summer Pre-College Programmes designed specifically for international school students at real US universities.

When it comes to deciding where to enroll for higher education, the endless possibilities can seem overwhelming. As soon-to-be international high school graduates, one’s main concerns are what paths to take and where to take them. These next steps are often life-defining, so when it comes to risking the unknown and adapting to a country across the globe, international school students can defer to – Future Path Projects. They help bring clarity to that decision.

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Future Paths helps hundreds of international expat and local international students transition to college life in the United States with confidence and definition every year. Through in-person introductions to some of America’s best higher educational institutions, they help bridge the gap between the student and the unknown and lead them towards a bright educational future that best fits their needs. From enrolment to adapting to a new environment, dormitory life to cultural keystones, Future Paths lays the foundations and help students prepare for whichever path they find is best for them.

Each of Future Paths three US college-prep programmes provide invaluable, in-the-moment experiences of the realities of academic life in the US. These two week, on-campus educational programmes, designed for international school students in Asia, throw them straight into the world of American upper-academia, giving them a unique opportunity to experience their college career before it begins. Find a major to fit your dreams and learn to survive the university life as Future Paths provides the resources and the knowledge to make the right choice for our students academic future through real-life insights into some of the most prestigious universities in the US.

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American Heritage Path

This two week programme takes students to two of the most iconic locations in America – Washington DC and New York City – where they will have the chance to experience your potential future at two key state universities.

The journey begins as they touch down in the capital, Washington DC. Here they spend time on campus at Georgetown University. With an acceptance rate of just 17%, this university is a competitive choice, however Future Paths knows just the right techniques that will help our students make the cut. Sightseeing at the White House, Capitol Building, and the Washington and Lincoln Memorials are all on the itinerary, as are visits to a number of other colleges along the way.

Week two sends our students northbound to the broad way city of New York where they check into St John’s University – an international campus with students from over 120 different countries. Here, an alternative approach to academia provides a range of unique routes to choose from, such as enrolling at the Institute of Asian Studies. No trip to the Big Apple is complete without a trip to the Statue of Liberty and a chance to take in the views from the top of the famous Empire State Building.

Frontier Path

This route sends students to the west coast to experience university life in the big, sunny state of California. Here, they spend time at two universities that are cultural melting pots of students, courses and cultures. The journey begins at Dominican University, located in the quiet, leafy, northern suburbs or San Francisco. Steps away from Silicon Valley, this small liberal-arts school is designed to foster creativity and imagination.

No doubt we’ll have time for a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge and a boat ride to Alcatraz Island before the programme ventures south towards the City of Angels and pay a visit to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

The first thing our students notice are the vast differences between the two locales. At UCLA, a 45,000 strong student body is the number one attraction for anyone looking for a global perspective to education. This is America’s top-ranked public university, so we devote over 20 hours of distinctive higher education Path-Finding training to help our students find a programme and a campus environment that fits them best.

Into the heartland

On this journey, students venture into the heartland of America where they can find cities built around universities, rather than universities built inside cities. This programme offers a real “college town” experience – where life ebbs and flows through campus greens, down sweeping college hallways and across vast city halls. American football, homecoming festivities and graduation ceremonies take centre stage in both Dayton, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois.

The first week takes you to the all important University of Dayton, where one of every ten students comes from outside the US. With over 50 programmes offering international university credits, this is a great choice for students with international backgrounds. This liberal-arts school has a strong sports programme too, so expect to attend a Minor League baseball game during your visit and enjoy some of middle America’s finest cultures and cuisines.

The second leg of your journey will take students to Loyola University in Chicago, where they will bunk up at the Lakeside Campus of Loyola University of Chicago, home to their College of Arts and Sciences. With sweeping views of Lake Michigan, this is a highlight to students with diverse backgrounds, thanks to the university’s many overseas campuses in cities such as Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City. A tour of Chicago will certainly be in the cards, guaranteed to change your opinion of the mid-west forever.

Optional campus visit add ons

Visiting schools outside of what is provided in the itineraries is also available during or after the programme. These visits are conducted with Future Paths professional programme staff for an additional fee, and offered upon availability of time and resources. These optional additional campus visits are limited and scheduled upon a first come, first served basis of our programme staff and availability.

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To find out more about how you can kick-start your international college career, visit www.myfuturepaths.com or call one of our regional offices at (+66) 053 232 053.

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