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SEARA specialises in the planning, design and construction of sports, fitness, recreation, health and wellness facilities built to a professional standard in Asia. For nearly 30 years they have created and delivered high quality installations using selected imported products, localised  construction and installation techniques.

They provide full service and support promptly through 12 branches in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, Hua Hin, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Laos, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives. They meet customers requirements in the business of sports and fitness clubs, real estate developments, educational installations, government projects and private residential facilities. Work with commitment and responsibility to fully execute and complete each project, standing behind
their work and valuing the trust of their clients.

Floor plan Rendering

They providing technical support and installation, giving technical advice prior to installation on sports surface systems and games accessories installation to provide turnkey installation. Qualified service and maintenance teams provide indoor sports flooring maintenance.

After sales service for outdoor field facilities. Their objective is to create the right solution, design and product application for every project’s requirements.

Recent installations are at Brighton College, Rugby School, Concordian International School, Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB), BIS Phuket, Thanyapura Phuket, Mahidol University, Bangkok Glass Football, Jett 24 Hour Fitness, The Hills Parking Stall, True Arena Hua Hin … the list goes on, property clubs, healthcare, corporate and hospitality.

They are the recognised experts in SE Asia for design, planning and construction of international standard facilities. For tennis courts, football, track and athletic fields, indoor and outdoor sports courts, fitness flooring systems and equipment, squash courts, landscaping artificial grass, decorative concrete and playground safety flooring systems.

facility SEARA

For tennis courts they can use Plexipave and Plexicushion 100% acrylic surfaces for both outdoor and indoor courts. The grip-texture surfaces last even longer when in wet conditions. The Plexipave system has been widely installed in hundreds of courts in Indochina and is the official surface of the WTA. Plexicushion system is also the selected official supplier for the Australian Open and many of the World’s Grand Slam tournaments.

Running Track and Rugby

For artificial turf sports fields they are an official distributor of Xtreme Turf. Providing the best quality football, futsal and tennis synthetic turf surfaces. All come with international certified standards from FIFA, IRB, IHF and many of the world’s governing bodies.


The Decoflex universal indoor sports flooring system is a first-in￾class seamless polyurethane that is officially certified by international sports federations: FIBA, BWF and IHT. The system supplies impact and slip resistance, good ball bounce and reduces the risk of injuries. The Decoflex outdoor sports flooring is engineered to suit all weather and sports applications by incorporating a resilient recycled rubber base mat available in all thicknesses. It has been optimised for just about any outdoor sports requirement and is ideally suited as an outdoor multi-sports surface.

They install badminton and fitness flooring systems from Neoflex, a rubber floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear with a host of excellent features to enhance the look, feel and life of your floor. Capable of supplying complete flooring solutions for fitness as well as commercial uses it is supplied in a variety of colours ranges, format and thicknesses to suit a multitude of fitness applications. Safety is the number one concern of commercial flooring applications. With Neoflex you are compliant with excellent slip resistance performance, anti flammable qualities.

Cascade Club Interior

For base fitness sport flooring systems they recommend Tinsue – a flooring made from PVC vinyl. It’s composed of slip and wear resistance, ultra-polyester grid stabilisation layer, foam backing, a variety of colours ensures the floor will provide the
optimal level of comfort and protection based on its usage. Prestige is a free floating resilient maple wood sports floor system imported from North America and is designed for all levels of sport from amateur to professional.

Recommended for basketball, volleyball, badminton, aerobics, team handball, racquetball, squash and all other multi-purpose sports activities providing resilience, impact resistance, high performance, shock absorption, good ball bouncing properties and weight distribution throughout the entire gymnasium.

Oriental Hotel

For landscaping artificial grass they use Act Global Xtreme Lawn – an ideal, versatile solution for all event spaces and venues, particularly in hot, rainy or inclement weather. The turf provides a soft, clean surface throughout, whilst dust, mud, maintenance, and watering are minimised for the ease of usage. The natural looking synthetic grass offers solutions for lawns, gardens, road medians, pool decks, patios, rooftops, apartments, hotels, golf courses, driving ranges and backyard putting greens. Wherever aesthetics and performance matter.

Decorative concrete Avista by Parchem – stencil patterned concrete is a hardwearing and practical solution which allows for a range of finishes through applying colours and patterns to fleshly laid wet concrete or resurfaced concrete. There is a multitude of colour and pattern options which help create just the right look for any facility with minimal base condition required.

The best playground safety flooring is specified by Playflex which are prefabricated modular rubber tiles supplied from 15mm to 105mm in thickness an produce a resilient, durable, weatherproof, water permeable and anti slip material properties. Each tile can be custom made with inlaid graphics and are available in several designs and sizes supplied in a terrific colour range to suit any private or public environment.

Flooring BlueFlooring Greyflooring brown

Contact SEARA for all your sports and leisure needs:, [email protected],


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