10 Reasons Why Parents Trust DBS Denla British School

by Expat Life

A good education is a precious gift that parents choose for their children, because knowledge and skills will always be a child’s most important acquisition.”

DBS Denla British School implements an Enhanced British Curriculum from the best practices of UK independent schools. Here are 10 reasons why parents would want their children to study at DBS.

1. DBS uses today’s best educational platform: The Enhanced British Curriculum is the perfect platform to allow students to achieve their potential. This curriculum has been implemented in world-renowned independent schools where students are challenged, and later they are successful in their careers.

2. The Personalised Learning method is intrinsic to the Enhanced British Curriculum: DBS Teachers don’t believe in ‘One Size Fits All’ and focus on Personalised Learning, based on a deep understanding of the child, by concentrating on each student according to their skills and preferences.

3. The Extended Day system – a key to success: An additional learning period for students to spend time studying and engaging in activities. At DBS, students will have 1 hour per day more school time than students in other schools, adding up to 5 hours per week. At DBS, we offer intense Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) from over 60 courses and activities.

4. Learning many subjects:  Beside the initial core of English, Maths and Science, the Enhanced British Curriculum offers Computing, Geography, History, Music, Art, Drama, PE, Well-being and languages for students to learn too, like Mandarin.

5. Concrete assessment: Other than daily, termly, and annual internal assessments, there are assessments for English, Maths, and Science called GL Assessments to measure against the world’s average. These results help teachers to accurately plan for each student’s academic excellence.

6. Our classrooms facilities are world-class: They are 50% larger than normal international schools. The 40 facilities located throughout the school include, a FIFA standard artificial grass football pitch, a world standard running track, a large indoor swimming pool (salt water), tennis courts, a golf pitch, music rooms, an art studio, exhibition halls etc.

7. House System as in UK Schools – a strong foundation of relationship and networking: DBS implements the uniqueness of the UK ‘House System’ very strongly. There are 4 houses at DBS; Buckingham, Sandringham, Windsor, and Balmoral. All students stay in each House, and know other students from different years and classes. That’s why students at DBS have many friends from within their class and beyond.

8. Pastoral Care as in UK schools: Class Teachers, and Form Tutors for the older students, look after the individual students in their class or form. The role of these teachers is to nurture and guide. They are a vital link with parents, too. Other than the Class Teachers and Form Tutors, all teachers and Learning Assistants work together to create a nurturing team of carers.

9. Apple Distinguished School: DBS uses the best technology for education, and looks to the future. The school has laid excellent and efficient foundations for IT, using Apple products for teaching and learning. DBS has a Mac Lab and Maker Space rooms, so that students can use the technology to create innovations

10. Guaranteed by world-class standards from ISAT and CIS, which are the leading institutions that assess the quality and certification of educational standards of international schools globally. CIS praised DBS in a huge number of areas, including the quality of the teaching, the facilities comparable to leading British independent schools, and relationships that are well-developed between teachers and parents. DBS is reputed to be a leading international school that prepares students fully for the future, which is in line with the school’s vision: “Nurturing Global Leaders.”

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