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Expat Life in Thailand magazine, strive to provide our viewership and advertisers with an upscale, high-quality, and memorable publication. Our goal is to present interesting, current and relevant content, incorporating a visually pleasing presentation. We are committed to marketing our advertisers’ brands in the best possible light while representing the style, glamour and excitement of our readership.

Advertising is what keeps us in business so we appreciate your support and do all that we can to help you to build your business.
Expat Life in Thailand constantly strives to give back to our advertisers and has many possible cross-promotional opportunities. Put our pages and our expertise to work for your business.

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Published six times a year the print magazine is principally written, distributed and read by expat women (some men too!). Women do the weekly grocery shopping, research and decide on most luxury purchases, where the children go to school, where, when and how the family go on holiday, where and what they eat, which hospitals, dentists, specialists the family see.

Our editorial content is enthusiastically submitted by our readers – they know what they want to read. It has become a community magazine and covers most of the important facets to expat life in Thailand – lifestyle, relationships, travel, education, health and beauty, food and nutrition, retirement and become an authority and opinion leader in all of these areas.

Over 5,000 printed copies are distributed through the international women’s clubs, international schools, foreign embassies and consulates. Our online audience is growing fast. Thousands connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, each one directing traffic through to our popular website.

Unique selling points:
• Our demographic and your audience is Female 60 % & Male 40 % and average age group of 30-65 years
• 85 international women’s groups
• 83 foreign embassies and consulates
• over 125 international schools
• 23 international hospitals
• read by both women and men, expatriates as well by Thai middle and upper classes
• Original editorial content
• Appealing design and layout

Its high-quality presentation ensures that it lasts much longer in the market, giving it’s advertisers longevity of message. The magazine also has an e-magazine and this and our active social media forums attract a younger professional demographic, readers with children and those that do not belong to community groups further extending our readership and our advertisers reach.