About Us

by @Karl-Pogi

Expat Life in Thailand is a CSR community magazine run like a charity. It is a bimonthly print lifestyle magazine for expats (expatriate – a person who has citizenship in at least one country, but who is living in another) living in Thailand.

It is enthusiastically written, then proudly distributed and avidly read by the affluent expat/international community resident in Thailand. It is also increasingly read by Thai HiSos that have an interest in international matters, a business serving expats or children at an international school or university. Carrying short articles on education, travel, healthcare, fashion, beauty, music, the arts and culture, nutrition, property, ecological issues, profiles of foreign ambassadors or leading business people, networking opportunities and much, much more.

A magazine dedicated to engaging and connecting expat men and women from every nationality, race, creed and colour and creating a bridge between them and our Thai hosts.

Real articles written by real people to inform, educate, stimulate debate and entertain other English speaking expats residing in Thailand and across the world.

The print magazine is direct delivered in bulk my motorcycle courier to 114 international women’s/community groups, 111 foreign ambassadors, embassies and consulates and 185 international schools in Thailand. They then distribute it amongst their members. We ask them to distribute the magazine and spread the message to read, enjoy and then pass on to another reader. And when it has done the rounds to put it into their local coffee shop for others to read. We also deliver it to international hospitals and clinics, public libraries and over 500 coffee shops in central Bangkok. We target the top 10% of the expat community in Thailand. The ones that spend the money.

This guarantees our advertiser that their marketing message is reaching its intended target maximising coverage and minimising wastage. It means that their advertising will be much more successful.

Our website www.expatlifeinthailand.com is available to all free of charge and is rapidly establishing itself as one of the ‘go to’ information sites for international residents in Thailand.

We have a Facebook site www.facebook.com/expatlifeinthailand IG and Twitter sites.

We then offer our, 70 plus unpaid volunteers editorial content, to a host of other English language websites, blogs, other media owners, property companies, tour operators and content marketing agencies access to our content, free of charge or copyright, to ensure that our advertising investors get the maximum from their investment with us.

Expat Life in Thailand… advertising that works!