About Us

by @Karl-Pogi

Expat Life in Thailand is a community lifestyle magazine for expats (expatriate – a person who has citizenship in at least one country, but who is living in another) living in Thailand with an appetite and a zest for the best of life!

Carrying articles on education, travel, healthcare, fashion, beauty, arts and culture, nutrition, property, networking opportunities and similar issues. A magazine dedicated to connecting expat men and women from every nationality, race, creed and colour.

Real articles written by real people to inform, educate, stimulate debate and entertain other English speaking expats residing in Thailand.

The print magazine is delivered direct to 85 international women’s/community groups, 83 foreign embassies and consulates and 125 international schools in Thailand. This guarantees the advertiser that their advertising message is reaching its intended target maximising their coverage and minimising wastage.

The website is available to all free of charge and is rapidly establishing itself as one of the go to information sites for international residents in Thailand.